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Sinful Personal Branding Tip #7 : The ‘Luxuria’ art of building the Brand YOU

If it wasn’t for the innate luxuria (lust or desire) of mankind; our civilization would have still been primitive in many senses. The desire for more is what keeps us evolving from one generation to the other. How we define, dictate and dominate our desires is what makes us a superior race, and how you explore this so called sin of desire makes your brand superior to the fellow brands. The philosophy of desire is simple: Want more, Work More, Win More. However, naked desire isn’t what sails your boat towards the shores of success; you must also fuel your desires with the motivation to achieve ‘em, to be worthy of such uninhibited success. Use my Luxuria formula for Success to ‘up’ your desire quotient and motivate Brand YOU to want, work and win it all!

Desire Quotient + Motivation Factor = Unrivalled Success


Up your desire quotient and motivate yourself to-

  1. Be more: Empower Brand YOU to accomplish more + be motivated to bridge the gap between you and the ideal you. TIP: Know your brand to grow your brand
  2. Do more: Egg Brand YOU to act more + be motivated to apply your knowledge and skills to make a humble difference. TIP: Expand your network to amplify your actions
  3. Be known more: Express Brand YOU to connect more + be motivated to reach out across social media and build worthy relationships. TIP: Stay real in the virtual
  4. Deserve more: Enhance Brand YOU to rise more + be motivated to raise brand YOU above and beyond mortal reverence. TIP: Respect is a two way street
  5. Be loved more: Enable Brand YOU to love more + be motivated to share and care-share your expertise to be viewed as the expert. TIP: Focus on what you know better than the best

When personal desires are fueled with noble motivations, success beckons and how! I believe you don’t make your destiny-you brand your destiny; and once you decide to- the universe is just another player involved in this glorious game of empowering you to make, brand and own your desires, your destiny.

When thou desires, universe conspires, Brand YOU transpires.


Thought Leadership is the compass of your Leadership

Leaders are very many; but thought leaders indeed, are a rare and distinguished breed. They may hail from the most unexpected echelons of life, and yet get immortalized as Icons; Icons who changed the world.

Thouht Leadership Compass

It does not matter who they were; but what they have do. A true thought leader is someone who envisions the day after tomorrow, today; and evangelizes the world towards it. Change is the soul of thought leadership; your thought leadership is the soul of your leadership; devoid of which your leadership journey is set on a compass that points nowhere.  The 3 strategies that empower your thought leadership to navigate your leadership sojourn are:

Branding Your Leadership

Brand Your Thought Leadership

Brand Your Thought Leadership

If thou matters; show me how!  In the journey of leadership, the destination is not as important as the reason thereof. The most important strategy while playing leadership is envisioning a journey worth taking; in other words branding the story of your leadership and its contribution in making this world a better place.

Your Thought Leadership is your Brand. Period. How you lead the change and grow your brand by mastering the art of leadership-is what legacies are made of. In this journey your thought leadership will serve as the magical compass, which will always guide you to achieve your brand’s beloved.  The 5 traits of thought leaders who transform their passion into a legacy by leading their community, their organization, their world towards the change are:

  1. Passionate Perseverance: Passion prevails profession. But when the twain meet: Thought Leadership is born.  If thought leadership is your calling: Either adopt your passion as profession or grow to love your profession. Following your passion, with relentless perseverance is the hallmark of a true thought leader.
  2. Ideation fixation: When you are in love with your work: It rains Ideas. Ideas that empower you to create, claim and dominate that one big Idea that becomes your Brand. Get drenched in the idea deluge till that big idea peeks out and bestows some warm sunshine on you.
  3. Super-Human Self Conviction: Every BIG Idea is first ridiculed, opposed and rejected before being celebrated. As a thought leader, self-belief is your super power. “I guarantee there’ll be tough times, I guarantee at some point, you will crave a way out, BUT I also guarantee that if you do not uphold this insane self conviction paradigm, then you will regret it for the rest of your life; because you do know in your heart, this is what you are meant to do!”
  4. Inspiring Change: Does your idea inspire a change in the world? Brilliant! Now be the change. Thought Leaders aren’t preachers; but doers. ‘Think, Do, Inspire action’ is the mantra for you.
  5. Eternal Commitment: Your thought leadership is the raison d’être of brand YOU. Staying true and committed to this purpose of your life is critical to your brand, even after being hailed as the messiah of change.

Living your Leadership

Live Your Leadership

Live Your Leadership

Lead all you may; but where to? Your thought leadership compass is due at north for the Brand YOU. But is it exactly where your tribe also wishes to go? The second strategy to adopt while living your leadership is leading the world to the place they wish to go to-and not where you wish to take them to! The Golden Rule of Leadership is to know the answer to the singular most important question in your tribe’s mind: ‘What’s in it for me?’ Under your inspiring leadership it is your moral responsibility to empower them to lead their lives to their next milestone. Know thy answer and ensure they understand it as well; lest you do that, you might end up north-alone or maybe not at all.

Leadership, when set upon together is a beautiful journey. It’s a journey where the power of ‘we’ is amplified to its best by your tribe; because unless there is a ‘we’, the leader’s ‘I’ factor matters naught. You truly become a leader only when you are a part of this ‘we’; only when you have something to offer that truly resonates with the needs and desires of the ‘we’; only then you shall get the chance to embark upon your journey of leading the ‘we’, and thus living your leadership. So, my dear friend, if you do not inspire the ‘we’; rest all becomes a moot point.

Growing your Leadership

Grow Your Leadership

Grow Your Leadership

Like Life, Like Brands, Leadership must evolve. Like your dreams, hopes, aspirations, passions and destinations, your brand and your thought leadership must also evolve-must move forward perpetually. Thought leadership is anything but a onetime fixation to accomplish a journey. Leaders may not always be thought leaders; but thought leaders are leaders forever. They are fuelled with an insatiable desire to lead the world to the day after tomorrow, every single day-even during the brightest dawns and the darkest nights. In the true thought leader’s day, even after the sunset, his thought leadership compass illuminates his journey up to the next dawn, and the day after’s, and so on.

The third and the best kept secret of the most iconic thought leaders is Growth: ‘They do more of less.’ My personal advice to each one of you reading this is to do exactly that: Grow the thought leadership of your leadership—‘Focus on the focus of your brand’s thought leadership; then every single day again focus on how to leverage on this focus to continually dominate and own your brand’s thought leadership.’ Simply put: Build and Nurture the singular Idea Tree of your Thought Leadership that is empowered to flourish come what may. Every day religiously water this tree and let it grow one more leaf that further amplifies that expanse and benevolence of your thought leadership. When you look back, I promise, you shall witness a beautiful legacy of your thought leadership growing and flourishing every single day-under the dedicated aegis of your leadership and commitment to its growth.

Leadership becomes a fascinating experience and not a liability when you brand it with your thought leadership. My closing words for you:

“Thou are not born to follow, but lead; and not just lead a few men, but the world through a glorious experience of your brand, your thought leadership…All you need is that compass pointing right towards this very change you seek.”

The Invisible CEO Diaries-Part 1: Why is the CEO ‘The Invisible Icon?’

They are the Leaders, and often the Thought Leaders of India’s fastest growing companies; but who are they really? In the pursuit of Corporate Excellence, sacrifices have been made, compromises have been sought; and these have contributed to the growing league of gentlemen, who are indeed inimitable performers, but are still invisible.

The Invisible CEO Diaries shares the 3 most forbidden sins that our Indian CEOs are falling prey to! This is the first in a 3-part series of ‘The Invisible CEO Diaries’.

Sin #1: Being Invisible

Hail the Mr. India CEO, who is there, but not really there! The Mr. India Syndrome refers to the figurative presence and the literal absence of our CEOs across the Social Media in the Web 2.0 era.

Being the Invisible CEO in today’s digital age is characterized by the following faux pass:

  1. Namesake profiles on professional social media platform like LinkedIn; which were created in the BC (Before Christ) times are now obsolete & ostracized!
  2. The moment you walk into a roomful of Dignitaries, Nobody recognizes You! Because the generic silhouette instead of a professional headshot, keeps you invisible both online & offline.
  3. When searched online, due to a dismal digital presence, the Google Geek couldn’t have been more unkind to your online reputation.
  4. Delegating social media accounts like Twitter, does severe injustice to your true persona as well as your company’s reputation
  5. Laurels of your offline success are not sung online; as no other Soul outside your cozy circle has been enriched by your Career Karma
  6. Tipping point: When you are googled; every other “John Smith” surfaces, but YOU!

Well, all hope isn’t lost, yet! Your knight in shining armor is here; to take the Brand YOU from the dark shadows of invisibility to the powerful heights of invincibility! A Powerful Personal Brand empowers you to step out from the invisible shadows of professional oblivion into the glory of ICONIC Professional Excellence.

Personal Branding empowers you to Discover what makes the Iconic Brand YOU- YOUnique; it is the art and science of unearthing your exclusive brand value proposition that differentiates you from the world, and puts you in the limelight. Once you know, what makes the Brand YOU tick, you are ready to build the desired Reputation of the Brand YOU; after all, your Personal Brand, is your Reputation- both online & offline. But How do you do it? Well, isn’t that always the Question…

The next article will talk about the perils of Ignoring your Personal Brand!

The Secret of Mastering Thought Leadership on Social Media

There were Leaders; There are; and There will be.

But Thought Leaders, they are a rare and distinguished breed: Individuals who are often credited as the harbingers of a new dawn, a new way of life.

Leaders may be born or made, depending upon the boat of their life; but Thought Leaders, I believe, are definitely born. These have been the serial leaders all life long, and leading has become a sort of second nature to them. This deep seated essence of leadership is what fuels their Passion and empowers them to embark upon this ICONIC Journey of Thought Leadership.

People talk about Thought Leadership today, without understanding the true SOUL of the Thought Leader. This could be due to the expansive proliferation of Social Media as the most accessible platform to establish your Thought Leadership, which has been responsible for breeding the Me-Too Thought Leaders. But, a True Thought Leader is beyond the fad; he is beyond the number game; he is above the rat race. Before we dwell deeper into the various dimensions of expressing your Thought Leadership across Social Media, Let’s first put the much talked about term into Perspective:

So what is Thought Leadership, and who is the true thought leader?

A Thought Leader, is the person who thinks, does and inspires action. He is the person who is credited with the inception of a brilliant idea, which potentially changes lives of the people it touches. He is the person who believes in his idea with an unabashed passion and an unrivalled vision for turning it into reality. But what is the SECRET of mastering Thought Leadership? The SOUL of the Thought Leader pumps his heart with relentless Passion, and energizes his mind with a benevolent Vision (for his humble passion), his raison d’être. He is the Thought Leader, who by the mere power of his Thoughts, fuelled by the Passion, channeled into a palpable Vision, puts in motions a momentous tide of change, for the greater good; and this is Thought Leadership.

Why Thought Leadership on Social Media?

Ideas are Good; People make them Great. Period.

Gone are the days when leaders would scream off the roof tops to their mass of followers. Enter: Web 2.0; the advent of social media might have been the greatest invention since the wheel (alright, I have exaggerated a bit)! Social Media presents the power of platform and speech at your fingertips; literally! It enables you to reach out and voice your big idea, to the target community; it empowers you to connect with other thought leaders and share your knowledge and as the result, enhance your value proposition. It is the global window for expression of your passion & vision, and has the potential to expedite the journey of realization of your dream vision.

How to use Social Media for Thought Leadership?

There are a million ways of using the magic of social media to create a legacy of inspiration. I am now sharing with you the 5 most popular and proven strategies…

  1. Blog it: Blogging is the BEST way to share your knowledge and thought leadership on the said topic. By Blogging, you not only share your knowledge, you offer insights and solutions to the mundane problems that your target audience might be challenged with, and this goes a long way in building your credibility as the industry expert.
  2. Tweet Away: While you are busy enlightening the world via your Blogs, do pay special attention to the micro-blogging platform Twitter, as it gives you an unrivalled platform to connect with the global citizens across real time. Twitter also enables you to engage your audience with real time information flow and this is what enhances the appeal of being an active Twitterati Thought Leader. Think -Do-Inspire Action: all in real time!
  3. Story Time: Your prime digital real estate property is also your knight in shining armor; Facebook timeline lets you share the story of your Passion and highlight its beautiful journey towards the benevolent vision, with pride & panache! Involving your audience & stake holders in your journey of success is the biggest motivator for them to be your Brand Evangelists and relay your idea torch further down their networks.
  4. Video channel: The trend for Thought Leadership for 2012 is most definitely Video Blogging & Video Branding of your Ideas. You can make best of this trend in two ways: the first is to host a Video Blogathon (a series of video blogs) for a said duration and connect all the thought leaders in your industry via a common platform to channel global inspiration to your audience; and the second way to gain respect and visibility across Social Media is by hosting brief Video Interviews of other Thought Leaders from the Industries of your choice, to give your audience a variety of resources of actionable inspiration. But before you adopt this trend, do own a branded YouTube channel that is relevant to your niche, and stream your content via it to maximize your reach.
  5. Linked up: No social media activity is complete until you are able to synchronize all your efforts and present a one stop shop for your Ideas to gain Visibility and Credibility. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to stage your thought leadership’s centre of gravity, by integrating your entire Social Media feed into your LinkedIn account, as LinkedIn is perceived as the more reliable source of information than your website or blog. You are able to Integrate your Blog, your Twitter feed, your Personal Website, Your Slideshare account and Your You tube channel into your Linked Profile to give a snapshot of your Social Media Presence & a sneak peek into your potential thought leadership at one point of action.

Where to start your Journey of Thought Leadership?

I strongly suggest that if you are serious about the journey of thought leadership, or have entrepreneurial dreams, you first understand how to embark upon the journey of thought leadership, by discovering these 7 key steps to thought leadership. But before you do so, one last piece of advice: in order to stand out of the clutter of voices across social media, it is imperative that you build a distinct personal brand identity. Personal Branding will not only distinguish you as a thought leader to be reckoned with, it will also empower you to build a legacy of an inspiring personal brand that the world looks up to!

Indeed, Thought Leadership is a commitment to your Idea, Your Passion, Your Vision; but remember, every great Idea was first ridiculed, then rejected, and after much-a-do-about-it, rejoiced with unrivalled reverence! All you need is the Passion & Vision to make it come to life.

Leaders are passé; 7 Steps to become the Thought Leader of your industry!

Leaders are very many; but Thought Leaders, they are a rare and a distinguished breed of individuals who are the visionary harbingers of tomorrow. When Leaders are striving to lead and live, thought leaders are creating a whole new world for us to live in! The classic example our world has witnessed is that of Nokia & Apple, the former Market Leader is still striving and thriving to sustain in this new world order, whereas the harbinger of tomorrow-the industry thought leader has banked on its spirit of thought leadership in innovation to bring our world closer to tomorrow. Simply put, Thought Leaders, do NOT wait for the tide to turn, they turn the tide and welcome the glorious tomorrow, today itself.

So what are THE distinguishing traits that separate the thought leader from the pack? Leaders may be born or made; but thought leadership is a different league altogether. There are 7 idiosyncratic traits of legendary thought leaders; we now show you how to embody these traits, in these 7 key steps to become the thought leader of your industry.

1. Follow your Passion

Passion prevails Profession. Period. If you are at crossroads between your passion and profession; don’t worry, as such a crossroad does not exist. The choice is simple: Your Passion has unrivalled power to fuel your Professional growth, and is the key contributing factor of thought leadership. Your Passion will open horizons, hitherto unknown or unexplored. Follow your passions to these new horizons, even if it is the road less travelled; the world will eventually follow you!

Where leaders demand following, thought leaders inspire it.

2. Find your BIG Idea: Carve your Niche

As Personal Branding Guru William Arruda says ‘What makes you Unique, Makes you Successful!’; regardless of your industry type, I am sure you all can find that one niche, that you can Create, Claim and Dominate. The message here is: Conceive that one BIG Idea or Create that one INVINCIBLE niche that you can proudly and more importantly happily pursue, lifelong. Remember what makes you happy, makes you successful too.

Leaders may be full of ideas, but the thought leader, is the Arjuna of Mahabharata: He fixates his mind onto the ONLY Idea which he truly believes in.

3. Be the Benevolent Visionary

Benevolence is the SOUL of Thought Leadership; unless your BIG Idea is able to touch hearts and Inspire lives, you haven’t reached your goal yet. Each Thought Leader has eventually created a legacy of inspiration for the world, in his own distinct way. Your BIG Idea should evolve into a BIGGER Picture that benefits the mankind, in either physical, emotional, mental, material or spiritual way. Find that one change that you aspire to be responsible for; transform the lives of people in the smallest way possible, rest will be history.

Aspire to Inspire; Inspiration empowers you to be THE Thought Leader, the credence of your industry.

4. Consistent Self Conviction

Every BIG Idea is first ridiculed, then opposed, then rejected before the world runs out of options to decry the nouveau idea. As the thought leader, belief in yourself, is of paramount importance. Quoting Richards Gere (from Runaway Bride) with a twist “I guarantee there’ll be tough times, I guarantee at some point, you will crave for a way out, BUT I also guarantee that if you do not uphold this insane self conviction paradigm, then you will regret it for the rest of your life, thereafter; because you do know in your heart, this is what you are meant to do!”

Self conviction is the first challenge of thought leadership; Belief in your personal brand and its vision is the secret of making the world believe in you.

5. Walk the Talk, with a creative twist

So you want to Inspire a change in the world? Brilliant; now BE the Change. Thought leaders are revered because they have the potential to practise what they preach. They are not a group of preachers who are eons apart from manifesting their dogma; they are the people who THINK, DO and INSPIRE ACTION because their own actions speak louder than their thoughts. Inspirations are contagious, as a thought leader it is your moral responsibility to create a thought platform that is capable of touching a million lives, in a billion ways.

Walk the Talk, but ensure that every TALK is as unique as the life you are about to touch. Explore, Express & Excite the world with a new thought manifestation, every single day.

6. Eternal Commitment to the Cause

The cause was close to your heart, to your life, to your raison d’être. And that is what it should remain, even when you are hailed as the Iconic thought leader, as the messiah of the change, as the most idolized individual of your industry. It is very easy to be consumed by success and power, but equally difficult to command the power of success with deferential dignity. Staying true to the passionate purpose of your life, to continue the perseverance even when it is not driven by the hunger for success, is the true characteristic of the thought leader.

Thought Leadership is not a conscious adoption for professional excellence; but a subconscious commitment for personal excellence.

7.  Live your Brand; Inspire the World

The saga of your thought leadership is voiced by Your Personal Brand; it touches a million hearts today and inspires the world to come. A thought leader is always celebrated for having a strong Personal Brand, which is clear, constant and consistent time after time. It becomes his prerogative to create and communicate an Iconic, Inspiring and a truly Invincible Personal Brand Experience for his brand community which complements his Professional Excellence.

Live your Personal Brand, with unrivalled Elegance & Eloquence, such that it not only inspires others but immortalizes you, in their hearts.

Embody these 7 traits and become an Iconic Thought Leader, who Inspires Actionable Thought Leadership. Stop aspiring to lead the world; start inspiring the world towards a beautiful life. And remember Thought Leadership is not a moment of glory, but a glorious journey towards being ‘An ICONIC Brand‘ of your industry.

Leaders come and go; but thought leaders are immortalized in history as the true ICONS of the generation.

“Leaders make News; Thought Leaders, History!”