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The ART of Branding Yourself: Be the Story that touches their Souls

Why does one need personal branding?

Branding has always been associated with Products and Services in the conventional corporate society! But off late, as the skills become commodot-ized and people get replaced faster than you say ‘You’re fired’, if you are a fresher or a CXO, matters naught! If you do not have what it takes to stand out and apart from the herd of me-toos, you might end up following the herd, instead of leading it.

Even if one is the captain of his own ship, steering through the rocky waters of entrepreneurship in a near perpetual global economic gloom, it has become increasingly difficult to win new customers/clients, satisfy and delight them and moreover convert them into loyal patrons of your products and services-forever.

And even if you are not a fresh entrepreneur on the run, even as a seasoned entrepreneur, it becomes imperative for you to be known as THE thought leader that you truly are, and this is where your personal brand, and it’s brand story comes into picture–it becomes crucial for your and your company’s brand reputation that you take control of making the world know and see the best of the Brand YOU.

How does one build a personal brand?

Along with the prestigious PHD Chamber of Commerce of India, Tanvi Bhatt-India’s leading Personal Brand Strategist is bringing to you a half a day seminar on ‘The Art of Branding Yourself’; this event is being organized at the PHD Chamber on the 4th of October 2013, and is open to all the ambitious professionals from all walks of life: whether you are an Executive, Entrepreneur, CXO, Managing Director, Founder/Promoter of your company, the power of Personal Branding is for one and all.

So, come and experience how the art of branding yourself with Tanvi’s signature 3D Model of Branding: Discover-Design-Deliver empowers you to build an iconic Brand YOU. Learn to leverage the power of brand storytelling in personal branding to inspire and influence your communities both online and offline….


For more information on this event, please mail us on info@panache-studio.com or get in touch with Tanvi directly.

If you are based in Delhi, this is your moment to get ‘Brandtastic’ with Tanvi Bhatt- The Personal Branding Pioneer in India. See you there…


Sinful Personal Branding Tip #4 : The ‘Acedia’ art of building the Brand YOU

Thou shall not be subjected to the rat race; thou shall enjoy the slothful empowerment to the top.

For those who believe, that never has been sloth (acedia), the secret of success; couldn’t be more wrong. All you need is to master the art of employing this so called sin to do your bidding. And voila! Will you ace the race! Well, there wouldn’t be much of a race-as where others would be scrambling their way to the next milestone-you would be indulging into these slothful secrets of personal and professional excellence. Haven’t we grown up with the age old dogma of slow and steady wins the race? Oh yes! It’s just that we haven’t perceived it to be actually applicable in today’s age where jobs change faster than seasons. So let’s explore my Acedia way of building and empowering the Brand YOU:

sloth garfield

Sloth it out on-

  1. Jack of all trades syndrome: The reason why it’s called the ‘Jack’-you remain as such; your attempt to know it all for ‘em all is a huge waste of your invaluable expertise potential. Sloth tip: Focus only on your core mastery; your unique promise of value.
  2. Out running the world (competition): You truly have no competition, the only worthy yardstick you need beat is your own! Sloth Tip: Focus only on outdoing yourself, the rest of the world is just a spectator.
  3. Power play conquest: The primal urge of conquest keeps us exactly that: primitive. Play your game such that your true power is measured against the heartfelt smiles you empower. Sloth tip: Focus only on meaningful power; the one that truly empowers others to do more.
  4. Mindless materialism: What’s thy glittering gold worth, if it may not illuminate a dark hut? The wealth amassed from purely materialist pursuit is not worthy of your brand, unless you put it to a noble use too. Sloth tip: Focus only on benevolent materialism; rest is immaterial.
  5. Reprisal of the rivals: It’s indeed beyond mortal to forgive; laze out the incessant urge to even up! Time it out today; tomorrow it will be history. Sloth tip: Focus only on protecting your karma; it’s your karma, it’s worth it.

Your turn to tell me how will you indulge in this sloth-ful art of building the Brand YOU!

The Sinful art of building Brand YOU

Personal Branding is not only about being a brand and doing your brand do. It’s about how you do your Brand-do. Everyone is singing a similar song, but what melodies do you infuse in your song, to make it exclusive, exciting and enriching to all those who hum it-that’s what matters. The moral of the song story is, to focus on how you do your brand karma-differently-such that it not only elevates your personal brand and your career, but also enriches you as a person.

For time immemorial, we have been told to shun the sins: the 7 deadly sins that maketh the death of mankind; atleast metaphorically. But I beg to differ. As beauty lies in the eye of the be-holder; wisdom in our perception. I now urge you to see the beautiful perspective I am sharing with you. I want you to pause, think and only then embrace this sinful art of building the Brand YOU. Believe you me; once you share my perspective, these 7 sins are totally worth indulging into.

Starting this June, for coming 7 weeks, I will take you through this exclusive journey of building your brand, with the once condemned, but now-to be-celebrated traits of building a more meaningful personal brand. Every week as we indulge into a brand new sin for the Brand YOU, you will discover a new perspective on the 7 infamous sins we have known till now, a perspective that will make you wonder, are they really so sinful? Only your perception will decide. Command these 7 sins to celebrate this once sinful indulgence of Brand YOU:

The Sinful art of Personal Branding

  1. Superbia (pride): Rest it in the inflating number of lives you enrich
  2. Avaritia (avarice/greed): Reserve it for knowledge to grow yourself
  3. Luxuria (desire): Focus it on a legacy of wisdom and benevolence
  4. Invidia (envy): Covet the reach of the giver and the doer
  5. Gula (gluttony): Insatiable thirst for self-critique & improvisation
  6. Ira (wrath): Rave against the injustice and the disharmony in the world
  7. Acedia (sloth): Laze out in the eternal conquest of power play & materialism

Life isn’t black or white; but a beautiful canvas ordained with infinite shades of grey that manifest themselves slowly-ever changing, ever evolving. The beauty of which is captured solely by the power of your perception-which can perceive it as a muddle or a mystery. Likewise, it is your perception which will empower you to either command or be consumed by these so called sins, and transform them into 7 invinciblel ideologies to build a powerful personal brand called YOU. Are you game?

7 Golden Rules for the Brand N-YOU Year 2013!


With the Christmas carols in the air, and the New Year beckoning us to religiously adopt a resolution list that would change your life forever-at least THE 2 week forever that you can keep up with it- and the infectious thrill for a brand new year that envelops you the moment you step into December; it’s that time of the year again, when we want to not look back to the good, bad or the ugly year (I pray not!) that we have had, but fill up every potent cell of our body with an unabashed optimism for a rockstar 2013 ahead-such optimism that genetically modifies your DNA and actually makes you believe that life will be SIGNIFICANTLY different for you this new year. (Amen!)

But is it really???


Sadly, it is not. Period. At least not for those who just fill their lives with hollow optimism for a miracle to happen-and then wait for a magic wand to wave off their woes and indulge their whims!  But yes, the year does belong to those who nurture their optimism with honest and sincere DEDICATION towards their goal of desiring a better and transformed life, with but one thing: Dedication.

7 Golden things TO-DO before you hit 2013

7 Golden things TO-DO before you hit 2013


I Promise you, that if you ADOPT and follow these 7 Golden Rules- My 7 DOs for 2013-before it dawns on you, not only will you stay on-track with your Personal Branding Efforts-day after day, month after month, but by the next December 2013, you will see your SMART Goals yield Substantial Brand Equity for the Brand YOU!

  1. Decide the goal for your brand: Every year we make new resolutions, for a better job or a better lifestyle, or the worst kept of ’em all a better body! Decide the professional goals for your Brand for the year 2013, RIGHT NOW itself so it doesn’t get lost in the myriad of other resolutions. While goal setting ensure the SMART Test is passed by each and every goal; i.e. they must be Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-oriented.
  2. Divide the goal into sub-goals: If you have enlisted 3 BIG Goals for Brand YOU, then the best approach to achieving them is to break them up into a series of sub-goals which when achieved subsequently conquer the BIG ONE too! It’s a simple historical concept: Divide & Conquer.
  3. Determine the priority checklist for all these goals: Once you have the game-plan of what ALL you want to achieve in the coming year, go ahead and PRIORTIZE Goals. Run your goal-list in your mind and start sorting it in the order of importance as well as FEASIBILITY to be achieved. Use a time frame of ‘in 3 months’, ‘in 6 months’ and ‘6 months+’. At the end of this step you shall have a well planned and prioritized list of activities that you will execute to evolve the Brand YOU from Invisible to Invincible
  4. Develop the list of resources to achieve these goals: A SMART and strategically designed game-plan is only half a battle won; to prepare for the contingencies ahead, one must THINK 360into the future to determine HOW you are going to win the battle. Not all but definitely some of all Goals would demand an additional resource of intervention from an external source, which you will have to foresee and arrange for. For e.g. you might want to move up the ladder of corporate hierarchy, but need an additional skill set to differentiate your Brand from the rest; hence you must evaluate your Goals on what else you NEED to achieve them.
  5. Design an action plan for a monthly basis: Once you pen down, WHAT you are going to achieve, followed by HOW you are going to achieve, it’s time to work on the WHEN. Create a month by month diary of goals, which will elucidate your monthly activities to be completed to move one step ahead in your battle. If you are a control freak like me, you may also further break down the month into a fully organized week by week goal-a-thon to make your life BEAUTIFULLY organized.
  6. Dedicate your mind, body and time to achieve it: Now comes the most IMPORTANT element of your Brand, YOU! After all the aforementioned efforts towards a Brand N-YOU Year 2013, it will be rather sad if YOU are unable to meet up to your own challenges and expectations. In fact it would be tragic. So you need to be mentally prepared and committed to advance upon a Brand N-YOU journey this coming year. Staying physically fit is as IMPORTANT as being mentally committed, ‘coz if the twain don’t co-operate, then we have a serious problem friend. My Word: DISCIPLINE is your new best friend this coming year.
  7. Do it up and do some more: Who doesn’t like delightful surprises? It is CRUCIAL that you do your do, which you have so painstakingly devised, but it is my personal advice, to go ahead and DO some more.  Surprise yourself with a few un-planned goals in the middle of the year, to get you EXCITED and enthusiastic about delighting yourself with some brownie points in your Goal-a-thon.  Trust me it’s a win-win situation for you-nothing more, nothing less.


10 Benefits of Executive Branding for your Corporate Brand-Part 1

Empower: The word itself is so powerful; it fills our hearts & minds with the thrill of the imminent power; the moment someone mentions that they would empower you to do something; it jolts up your nervous system with an unrivaled exhilaration of being in control of your own capability to do something. Isn’t that the heady feeling that you were always seeking-Being in Control?

Traditionally, we the Corporate Citizens have been duly empowered by the reigning Corporate Brands in ways galore! Such that it truly is a moot point to even being commemorating them…  And haven’t we been truly indebted by their humble empowerment of our lives, due to their sole existence?? Yes, we were, we are, and we will be. But today, the game has evolved; the players have evolved and moreover the stakes have evolved from just one sided empowerment to mutual empowerment.  In fact, today the best executives of the company are perceived as the yin to the corporate yang!

Today in the Brandstinction age, when one is on a perpetual scout for knowledge and skills to achieve the desired degree of distinction for themselves in the corporate rate race; the executives who top this race are those who eventually empower themselves with the erstwhile popular X-factor, which is now discovered to be nothing else but the Personal Brand of the executive. An Executive empowered with a Powerful Personal Brand at the behest of the Corporate or his own conquest, is capable of empowering the Corporate Brand in hitherto unknown & unexplored ways. He goes on to become the most adored and admired Super-Hero of your Company: the Brand new Golden Boy of your Company!

And, finally as life comes full circle this Empowered Executive in turn empowers the Corporate Brand, by personifying the yin-yang philosophy, as follows:

1. Boosts Visibility of the Corporate Brand across Offline & Online Media

As the executive steps out of the shadows of professional oblivion (read: a solitary existence in today’s glocal corporate society), and announces his arrival on the ‘brands that matter’ circuit; the 100% benefit of this visibility gets automatically transferred to the Corporate Brand. Simply put, all the Personal Branding initiatives of your executive, nurtures the visibility, credibility & thus the reputation of your corporate brand.

2. Builds Credibility, on account of Executive Brand Evangelism

When the executive enriches his own professional karma, by giving back to the society, the second best benefactor in this circle of life, is none other than the corporate brand that backs the noble executive; the world then witnesses how the beautiful synergy between the personal goals and ambitions of the executive and the professional interests and vision of the corporate brand, builds a rock solid reputation & credibility for the corporate brand of being employee centric and more importantly, a benevolent brand.

3. Expands the Circle of Influence across Industries

Think of the frog in the well analogy to appreciate the importance of knowing the world, and the world knowing you. When the executive realizes how he can add substantial value to others, his sphere of influence slowly starts increasing beyond his native company or industry or community or city or country. The beautiful journey of personal branding carries his knowledge and wisdom across industries-across the globe, enriching & inspiring one soul at a time. It’s simple, Inspire first to Influence later.

4. Fosters Corporate Reputation as a Thought Leader

The thought leadership of an organization emerges from its talent pool, and I believe should flow back to them; thus enriching and empowering their own careers. The naked advocacy of the corporate brand and its employee-centric modus-operandi, catapults the corporate brand reputation as one of the few thought leaders who have acknowledged the age-old wisdom of empowering their real assets-the talented executives. There goes your employer-preference ranking through the roof!

5. Humanizes the Brand Corporate

When I say humanizes, I literally mean Personifies. When we have active Brand champions walking and talking the Corporate Brand Propositions and Promises, we empower a brilliant personification of the corporate brand. Your branded executive takes on the larger than life role of being the face, voice, eyes, ears and the soul of your corporate brand, out there in the industry for your target audience to experience & fall in love with; and in-turn fall in love with your corporate brand as well.

These are the top 5 benefits of empowering your executives to build a truly iconic personal brand; the next post will highlight the next five.

Liked this article, and wish to experience the power of Executive Branding for your C-Suite Executives? Get in touch with its Author & the Personal Branding Pioneer in India-Tanvi Bhatt (The Personal Brand Strategist for Indian CXOs) today!

The Invisible CEO Diaries-Part 1: Why is the CEO ‘The Invisible Icon?’

They are the Leaders, and often the Thought Leaders of India’s fastest growing companies; but who are they really? In the pursuit of Corporate Excellence, sacrifices have been made, compromises have been sought; and these have contributed to the growing league of gentlemen, who are indeed inimitable performers, but are still invisible.

The Invisible CEO Diaries shares the 3 most forbidden sins that our Indian CEOs are falling prey to! This is the first in a 3-part series of ‘The Invisible CEO Diaries’.

Sin #1: Being Invisible

Hail the Mr. India CEO, who is there, but not really there! The Mr. India Syndrome refers to the figurative presence and the literal absence of our CEOs across the Social Media in the Web 2.0 era.

Being the Invisible CEO in today’s digital age is characterized by the following faux pass:

  1. Namesake profiles on professional social media platform like LinkedIn; which were created in the BC (Before Christ) times are now obsolete & ostracized!
  2. The moment you walk into a roomful of Dignitaries, Nobody recognizes You! Because the generic silhouette instead of a professional headshot, keeps you invisible both online & offline.
  3. When searched online, due to a dismal digital presence, the Google Geek couldn’t have been more unkind to your online reputation.
  4. Delegating social media accounts like Twitter, does severe injustice to your true persona as well as your company’s reputation
  5. Laurels of your offline success are not sung online; as no other Soul outside your cozy circle has been enriched by your Career Karma
  6. Tipping point: When you are googled; every other “John Smith” surfaces, but YOU!

Well, all hope isn’t lost, yet! Your knight in shining armor is here; to take the Brand YOU from the dark shadows of invisibility to the powerful heights of invincibility! A Powerful Personal Brand empowers you to step out from the invisible shadows of professional oblivion into the glory of ICONIC Professional Excellence.

Personal Branding empowers you to Discover what makes the Iconic Brand YOU- YOUnique; it is the art and science of unearthing your exclusive brand value proposition that differentiates you from the world, and puts you in the limelight. Once you know, what makes the Brand YOU tick, you are ready to build the desired Reputation of the Brand YOU; after all, your Personal Brand, is your Reputation- both online & offline. But How do you do it? Well, isn’t that always the Question…

The next article will talk about the perils of Ignoring your Personal Brand!

How to BOOST Online Visibility of your Personal Brand in Social Media

If you are out there doing your DO; Are you Doing your DO online as well??

When someone Googles you, Do you Exist in the Google-God’s Directory?

If you do exist, how kind is the all knowing Google-God about your Personal (Brand) Reputation?

Questions! Questions! They bother even more when we are at a loss of an Answer.

But seriously, If you have a NO or an un-satisfactory answer to any of the above, my dear friend, it’s time to hail the mighty sword (your tablet/your netbook/your laptop) and prepare to conquer the Social Media Kingdom with your humble, yet Invincible Personal Brand.

If you are new to the concept of Personal Branding then this is THE article for you, as I will now explain how to Brand Yourself across different Social Media Platforms to boost your Online Visibility; and if you already have been a Socially Savvy Smarty, then it’s time for you to step up in the journey of Personal Branding and you may want to work with a Personal Brand Strategist who will empower you to build an ICONIC Personal Brand both online & offline.

I have also curated a Brilliant Infographic as you see below that highlights the 6 different Social Media Goliaths that you MUST conquer with the Power of your Personal Brand.

So now you know why & where you MUST be Socially Branded! Now comes the Best part: How TO?

Twitter: Twitter is the King of Social Media-in my opinion at least.

  1. Twitter will empower you with an online stage with a Global Audience to showcase your Thought Leadership. Use the Generous Space of 160 characters to Brand your twitter Profile with a Powerful and Relevant Bio. When I say Relevant, I mean Honest yet Interesting.
  2. Brand your Twitter handle with an Identity that best represents YOU: Your Name or your Branded Name-if any different!
  3. You may also add links to your Personal Blog/Website to draw traffic for Business
  4. Using your Name in the Bio-Space, is a brilliant strategy for DIY SEO.
  5. Get a Brandtastic Headshot for your Twitter profile; one that is TOTALLY on-brand

Facebook: If Twitter is the King; Facebook is the undisputed Queen of the Social Media; ruling the Hearts worlwide

  1. Claim a Vanity URL for your Own as well as Business Page, which looks like: facebook.com/username. Click here to check out my Branded Facebook Fan Page!
  2. For your Personal Profile, give your it a Privacy Makeover by changing who can see what section of your Profile; this helps you project the desired Brand to different groups of audience
  3. Do mention your Professional details in the about section, as what you do is equally important as the USP of your Unique Identity
  4. Upload a cover picture that accentuates the UNIQUE essence of the Personal Brand’s SOUL; My Tip: Let the SOUL of your Brand come alive on your home page
  5. Maintain a strategic healthy balance between the fun-side and professional side of life on Facebook as you don’t want to come across as a Geek all the time!
  6. Linking your Pinterest account with your Facebook Account will ensure you keep your network entertained and enriched all the time!
  7. Most importantly, do not share pictures of yourself that would compromise your Personal Reputation either now or 10 years down the line. Be Sensible today, rather than being Sorry tomorrow!

LinkedIn: Well, for me LinkedIn is the Young Prince of Social Media who is soon to be the King!

LinkedIn enables you to present your Best Professional Brand to the corporate world, to those who really matter! This is in fact the first platform where you should BRAND YOURSELF. You can check out my detailed post on How to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn here.

Google plus: Google Plus is like the Court Minister of the Social Media world, without whom we would probably not have such access to the thriving kingdom of Social Media.

  1. Getting your Google Profile is like the first step to SEO Nirvana; so get your Google Quotient perfect by claiming your profile today.
  2. Use the Google cover picture wisely, by Branding your Punch-line alongside your headshot for maximum impact and let your true Brand Shine-on!
  3. Create a Google Page for your Business under your Profile for a Double SEO treat!
  4. Use Google Hangouts to interact with your Brand Community on a regular basis; Video is the FUTURE of building a powerful Personal Brand Reputation.
  5. For now, you may also claim your username or vanity URL using http://gplus.to until Google blesses us mortals with an in-house facility to do so

Klout: Klout in my belief is the Court Gossip Monger, who is the indispensible informant to know who is worth what in the Social Media Kingdom!

  1. Get yourself on Klout today, either with Facebook or Twitter, to discover how much clout you have in the Online world!
  2. Connect all your Social Media activity to Klout for best results

About.Me: About Me is like your Court Confidant who will share with the world, only your Best!

  1. Get your Branded Vanity URL on About.Me before it’s gone!
  2. This can serve as your Personal Website in case you do not have one, so design it well
  3. Customize the look and feel of your home page with the colors that best represent the Brand YOU.
  4. Fill it up with a Brandtastic Bio that makes the reader get in touch with you for reasons best for business!
  5. Connect it with your Social Media Presence to provide a one-stop shop for your entire digital footprint