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The Business of Attention: Make Brand YOU command ‘IT’- Part 1

Be attentive to your Brand’s Attention  Quotient;

The more you command ‘IT’, better be your Brand Quotient.

 Attention Quotient1

The irony of life today is that we live in a perpetual attention seeking economy-in the age of mass attention deficit disorder. With Brands, Companies, People, Places all vying for your attention, the most prized real estate of this digital economy is your attention, your mental real estate. And the most coveted  business strategies today are the ones which help you command ‘IT’- command that priceless Attention!

And yet the beauty of this business of attention is that one can command it for all the right reasons with a little strategic planning and personal branding! The power of personal branding lies in the ability of Brand YOU to stand for ‘something, be known for ‘something’ and be wanted for ‘something’. This ‘something’ is the exclusive expertise quotient of the Brand YOU: it is the promise of value which you offer as an executive or an entrepreneur to your communities.

When you have a few seconds to stand out and command the coveted attention of your clients, customers, prospective employers, potential partners etc… it becomes imperative for you to take active control of your brand, your story and present it to the world-such that it offers an irresistible experience of the Brand YOU! This 4 part series of articles will focus on the 4 main components of commanding IT (attention) at the first point of contact:

A. Brand Identity

Your Identity stems from how well you know YOU, and how well you ensure the world knows of you! A powerful brand identity evolves from the 4Ws of the Brand YOU:

Who are YOU; What do YOU do;

Whom do YOU do it for; Why YOU are the go-to guy

Define your 4 Ws by highlighting the following aspects of each W;

1. Who are YOU: This is your professional brand identity influenced by your personal brand attributes. Use your Values and Passions to add more depth to your professional brand by making it truly YOUnique. Focus on what you believe in and why you love what you do to add an emotional layer to your brand.

Remember: The first rule of commanding attention is to build an emotional connect.

2. What do YOU do: This is your scope of work and area of expertise; Talk about the implied benefit of your expertise and not just the rational value you offer; when you tell them how your value addition impacts them and adds exclusive value to them; then you have all their selfish attention.

Remember: The second rule of commanding attention is to answer for your audience, ‘What’s in it for me?’

3. Whom do YOU do it for: The target audience that you add direct value to; the companies/verticals/industries/challenges/visions that you can impact with your experience and expertise; the ideal pool of clientele that you love to work with as you add inimitable value to them. Perhaps the most important element to boost the attention quotient for the Brand YOU; it is critical to define your ideal target audience so your message is reaching the right audience, and you DO NOT waste time being everything to everyone.

Remember: The third rule of commanding attention is to focus your attention on a niche audience to be the cynosure of that audience’s attention.

4. Why YOU are the go-to guy: The make it or break it element of your Brand’s Attention Quotient-why YOU matter: You need to craft a compelling brand promise, which is influenced by your bragging rights, your proven accomplishments, your work legacy and your thought leadership. This is what seals the deal and catapults you from the attention zone to the consideration zone; and eventually to the conviction zone.

Remember: The fourth rule of commanding attention is to take ownership of what you are shamelessly good at, and present it to the world, so they too know the ‘best of you!’

Use these 4Ws to build and own your personal brand identity, and share it with the world across relevant Social Media Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, You Tube etc.

The next post in this series ‘The Business of Attention: Make Brand YOU Command IT’ will highlight how to create an Invincible Brand Positioning for the Brand YOU!


From Passion to Inspiration: Build a Brand truly ICONIC

That’s my message to you in this Brand N-YOU Year! And my gift as well!

Every single day in 2014, I am going to bring a fresh bout of inspiration in your life: Inspiration so irresistible and so addictive that it will begin to consume you to do more, be more, love more. Only when you fall in love with your brand all over again, will you embark upon a journey of making the world fall in love with this truly iconic brand called YOU!

So let’s begin this passionate pursuit of knowing, showing and growing YOU. Let’s begin the much awaited celebration of the Brand YOU.


Passion when molded with purpose gives birth to an inspirational legacy. Matters naught how profitable your passion is or how benevolent your purpose is.  What matters is, when you fuel your passion with the singular purpose of adding value to the world by doing what you love to do; you begin an ethereal karmic cycle which circles back to you bringing joys of life never before imagined: The Joy of giving; the joy of inspiring others to give more.

Passion when honed to perfection gives you an inimitable brandstinction over others. Matter naught if it is your play passion or work passion; as either one has the potential to evolve as the soul of the Brand YOU. If you are blessed to have your passion as profession, you are halfway there-what must follow is a passionate pursuit to evolve your passion into the thought leadership of your personal brand-the legacy you wish to bequeath. And if you are one of those, whose passions and profession does not align, believe you me, all is not lost! All you need today is to acknowledge your passions and allow them back in your life. A Life without passions, is a life without reason. One can beautifully juggle between passion and profession if he imbibes the one trait required to do so: passion.

“Be passionate about your passion, a legacy will but follow.”

Your passion makes you happy. Your happiness makes you love. Your love makes your give. Your giving make you valuable. Your value makes you irresistible. Your magnetism makes you inspirational. Your inspiration makes you influential. Your influence makes you ICONIC.

Allow yourself to be consumed and commanded by your passion; it is the only way to make your life worth living!

The ART of Branding Yourself: Be the Story that touches their Souls

Why does one need personal branding?

Branding has always been associated with Products and Services in the conventional corporate society! But off late, as the skills become commodot-ized and people get replaced faster than you say ‘You’re fired’, if you are a fresher or a CXO, matters naught! If you do not have what it takes to stand out and apart from the herd of me-toos, you might end up following the herd, instead of leading it.

Even if one is the captain of his own ship, steering through the rocky waters of entrepreneurship in a near perpetual global economic gloom, it has become increasingly difficult to win new customers/clients, satisfy and delight them and moreover convert them into loyal patrons of your products and services-forever.

And even if you are not a fresh entrepreneur on the run, even as a seasoned entrepreneur, it becomes imperative for you to be known as THE thought leader that you truly are, and this is where your personal brand, and it’s brand story comes into picture–it becomes crucial for your and your company’s brand reputation that you take control of making the world know and see the best of the Brand YOU.

How does one build a personal brand?

Along with the prestigious PHD Chamber of Commerce of India, Tanvi Bhatt-India’s leading Personal Brand Strategist is bringing to you a half a day seminar on ‘The Art of Branding Yourself’; this event is being organized at the PHD Chamber on the 4th of October 2013, and is open to all the ambitious professionals from all walks of life: whether you are an Executive, Entrepreneur, CXO, Managing Director, Founder/Promoter of your company, the power of Personal Branding is for one and all.

So, come and experience how the art of branding yourself with Tanvi’s signature 3D Model of Branding: Discover-Design-Deliver empowers you to build an iconic Brand YOU. Learn to leverage the power of brand storytelling in personal branding to inspire and influence your communities both online and offline….


For more information on this event, please mail us on info@panache-studio.com or get in touch with Tanvi directly.

If you are based in Delhi, this is your moment to get ‘Brandtastic’ with Tanvi Bhatt- The Personal Branding Pioneer in India. See you there…

Sinful Personal Branding Tip #7 : The ‘Luxuria’ art of building the Brand YOU

If it wasn’t for the innate luxuria (lust or desire) of mankind; our civilization would have still been primitive in many senses. The desire for more is what keeps us evolving from one generation to the other. How we define, dictate and dominate our desires is what makes us a superior race, and how you explore this so called sin of desire makes your brand superior to the fellow brands. The philosophy of desire is simple: Want more, Work More, Win More. However, naked desire isn’t what sails your boat towards the shores of success; you must also fuel your desires with the motivation to achieve ‘em, to be worthy of such uninhibited success. Use my Luxuria formula for Success to ‘up’ your desire quotient and motivate Brand YOU to want, work and win it all!

Desire Quotient + Motivation Factor = Unrivalled Success


Up your desire quotient and motivate yourself to-

  1. Be more: Empower Brand YOU to accomplish more + be motivated to bridge the gap between you and the ideal you. TIP: Know your brand to grow your brand
  2. Do more: Egg Brand YOU to act more + be motivated to apply your knowledge and skills to make a humble difference. TIP: Expand your network to amplify your actions
  3. Be known more: Express Brand YOU to connect more + be motivated to reach out across social media and build worthy relationships. TIP: Stay real in the virtual
  4. Deserve more: Enhance Brand YOU to rise more + be motivated to raise brand YOU above and beyond mortal reverence. TIP: Respect is a two way street
  5. Be loved more: Enable Brand YOU to love more + be motivated to share and care-share your expertise to be viewed as the expert. TIP: Focus on what you know better than the best

When personal desires are fueled with noble motivations, success beckons and how! I believe you don’t make your destiny-you brand your destiny; and once you decide to- the universe is just another player involved in this glorious game of empowering you to make, brand and own your desires, your destiny.

When thou desires, universe conspires, Brand YOU transpires.

10 Benefits of Executive Branding for your Corporate Brand-Part 2

The Yin-Yang of Branding

In the first part of this post, we saw the 5 instrumental influences an Empowered & Branded Executive has in empowering the Corporate Brand, by personifying the yin-yang philosophy, which thus leads to a cohesive development of both the Brands in this equation, harmoniously. This post goes on to highlight the next 5 benefits of empowering your executive’s personal brand.

6. Inspires a higher Employee Engagement Level

Empowered Executives feel Appreciated & Honored; and indeed this is ‘your’ reason behind their strategic selection of being the worthy Brand Ambassadors of your corporate brand. When you empower them to take control of their personal brand and career, it boosts their happiness and job satisfaction quotient by miles; and in the form of a win-win turnaround effect, boosts their engagement with the company, customers, associates, business stakeholders etc. and thus accelerates their performance too.

7. Enhances Customer Connect, Client Preference & Loyalty

For an executive, when his Personal Brand reputation becomes as sacrosanct as the corporate entity’s, his performance is fueled with 2X times the effort in building, nurturing and protecting both the reputations-as both are at stake. So as a result of this 2X worth of efforts in the execution of his personal branding & professional commitments, he goes on to add 2X times value to his customers, associates, potential clients and so on. Better value addition at the same or no cost of investment, endears him to them and earns him the deserved reputation of being the go-to person/brand for an enhanced value addition experience. This is the most vital outcome of this exercise- a happy and content customer and client base that is converted into a group of brand loyalists, and more importantly brand evangelists for both these brands they are experiencing.

8. Builds a Dual Halo Effect: The Thought Leadership augments the Corporate Brand Appeal & Brand Equity

The Branded Executive, a proactive brand ambassador is perpetually in the limelight advocating his knowledge and wisdom, by promoting his personal as well as corporate services & products, which enable his brand community to lead a better life. This builds and fosters a reputation of thought leadership for both these entities as they are slowly perceived as the harbingers of the better way of life. This thought leadership, magnetizes (both) your Brands and enhances the appeal they have in your Brand Community; and once a Brand builds its reputation as the thought leader, it then goes on to evolve as the ICONIC Brand that enjoys unrivaled brand equity in the industry. This is the priceless dual halo effect of Personal Branding adoption by the Corporate Brand.

9. Executive Branding brings your Corporate Brand to Life; as they become your Brand, in Action.

There is never a time, that the Corporate Brand has not once, wished to have a live personification of their Brand-in flesh & blood: an individual who epitomizes their corporate brand, talks their brand, and walks their brand! Executive Branding allows the Corporates to empower their individuals to not only build their own personal brands, but simultaneously synchronize their personal brands with their employer’s corporate brands for an enhanced brand experience at their personal as well as professional level. This effort in working towards attaining a harmony with the corporate brand empowers them to bring the ethos, values and vision of your corporate brand to life; by offering a firsthand LIVE experience of your brand to your target audience.

10. Most important: a Stronger Brand means Better Business means Bigger Profits!

Powerful Brands foster Better Businesses and Growing Businesses nourish the power of their Brands. And when this nourishment and enrichment of brands happen at the corporate as well as personal levels, then a business is said to actualize 100% of its most precious asset-its executives. By empowering them to build their personal brand, and thus evangelize and nurture their corporate brand in the process, the company ensures that the executives become the custodians of the brand-who are voluntarily and proactively contributing and building its visibility, credibility and reputation to attract better business opportunities, and hence influence the overall profitability of the company-monetary as well as the corporate brand equity.

These are the 10 benefits that your company can milk by adopting the power of personal branding and honoring your key executives-your star performers, as these are indeed the true brand guardians of your brand.

Words of Wisdom: View branding of your Company and your Executives as an Investment; the one that yields returns in a long run; priceless returns that no other investment can match.

Liked this article, and wish to experience the power of Executive Branding for your C-Suite Executives? Get in touch with its Author & the Personal Branding Pioneer in India-Tanvi Bhatt (The Personal Brand Strategist for Indian CXOs) today!

The Secret of Mastering Thought Leadership on Social Media

There were Leaders; There are; and There will be.

But Thought Leaders, they are a rare and distinguished breed: Individuals who are often credited as the harbingers of a new dawn, a new way of life.

Leaders may be born or made, depending upon the boat of their life; but Thought Leaders, I believe, are definitely born. These have been the serial leaders all life long, and leading has become a sort of second nature to them. This deep seated essence of leadership is what fuels their Passion and empowers them to embark upon this ICONIC Journey of Thought Leadership.

People talk about Thought Leadership today, without understanding the true SOUL of the Thought Leader. This could be due to the expansive proliferation of Social Media as the most accessible platform to establish your Thought Leadership, which has been responsible for breeding the Me-Too Thought Leaders. But, a True Thought Leader is beyond the fad; he is beyond the number game; he is above the rat race. Before we dwell deeper into the various dimensions of expressing your Thought Leadership across Social Media, Let’s first put the much talked about term into Perspective:

So what is Thought Leadership, and who is the true thought leader?

A Thought Leader, is the person who thinks, does and inspires action. He is the person who is credited with the inception of a brilliant idea, which potentially changes lives of the people it touches. He is the person who believes in his idea with an unabashed passion and an unrivalled vision for turning it into reality. But what is the SECRET of mastering Thought Leadership? The SOUL of the Thought Leader pumps his heart with relentless Passion, and energizes his mind with a benevolent Vision (for his humble passion), his raison d’être. He is the Thought Leader, who by the mere power of his Thoughts, fuelled by the Passion, channeled into a palpable Vision, puts in motions a momentous tide of change, for the greater good; and this is Thought Leadership.

Why Thought Leadership on Social Media?

Ideas are Good; People make them Great. Period.

Gone are the days when leaders would scream off the roof tops to their mass of followers. Enter: Web 2.0; the advent of social media might have been the greatest invention since the wheel (alright, I have exaggerated a bit)! Social Media presents the power of platform and speech at your fingertips; literally! It enables you to reach out and voice your big idea, to the target community; it empowers you to connect with other thought leaders and share your knowledge and as the result, enhance your value proposition. It is the global window for expression of your passion & vision, and has the potential to expedite the journey of realization of your dream vision.

How to use Social Media for Thought Leadership?

There are a million ways of using the magic of social media to create a legacy of inspiration. I am now sharing with you the 5 most popular and proven strategies…

  1. Blog it: Blogging is the BEST way to share your knowledge and thought leadership on the said topic. By Blogging, you not only share your knowledge, you offer insights and solutions to the mundane problems that your target audience might be challenged with, and this goes a long way in building your credibility as the industry expert.
  2. Tweet Away: While you are busy enlightening the world via your Blogs, do pay special attention to the micro-blogging platform Twitter, as it gives you an unrivalled platform to connect with the global citizens across real time. Twitter also enables you to engage your audience with real time information flow and this is what enhances the appeal of being an active Twitterati Thought Leader. Think -Do-Inspire Action: all in real time!
  3. Story Time: Your prime digital real estate property is also your knight in shining armor; Facebook timeline lets you share the story of your Passion and highlight its beautiful journey towards the benevolent vision, with pride & panache! Involving your audience & stake holders in your journey of success is the biggest motivator for them to be your Brand Evangelists and relay your idea torch further down their networks.
  4. Video channel: The trend for Thought Leadership for 2012 is most definitely Video Blogging & Video Branding of your Ideas. You can make best of this trend in two ways: the first is to host a Video Blogathon (a series of video blogs) for a said duration and connect all the thought leaders in your industry via a common platform to channel global inspiration to your audience; and the second way to gain respect and visibility across Social Media is by hosting brief Video Interviews of other Thought Leaders from the Industries of your choice, to give your audience a variety of resources of actionable inspiration. But before you adopt this trend, do own a branded YouTube channel that is relevant to your niche, and stream your content via it to maximize your reach.
  5. Linked up: No social media activity is complete until you are able to synchronize all your efforts and present a one stop shop for your Ideas to gain Visibility and Credibility. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to stage your thought leadership’s centre of gravity, by integrating your entire Social Media feed into your LinkedIn account, as LinkedIn is perceived as the more reliable source of information than your website or blog. You are able to Integrate your Blog, your Twitter feed, your Personal Website, Your Slideshare account and Your You tube channel into your Linked Profile to give a snapshot of your Social Media Presence & a sneak peek into your potential thought leadership at one point of action.

Where to start your Journey of Thought Leadership?

I strongly suggest that if you are serious about the journey of thought leadership, or have entrepreneurial dreams, you first understand how to embark upon the journey of thought leadership, by discovering these 7 key steps to thought leadership. But before you do so, one last piece of advice: in order to stand out of the clutter of voices across social media, it is imperative that you build a distinct personal brand identity. Personal Branding will not only distinguish you as a thought leader to be reckoned with, it will also empower you to build a legacy of an inspiring personal brand that the world looks up to!

Indeed, Thought Leadership is a commitment to your Idea, Your Passion, Your Vision; but remember, every great Idea was first ridiculed, then rejected, and after much-a-do-about-it, rejoiced with unrivalled reverence! All you need is the Passion & Vision to make it come to life.

The TO-DO List after writing that BRILLIANT POST

So you’ve just written a Brilliant Article and conferred a small contribution of your Legacy upon the World! Now you publish it and cross your fingers for the deluge of visits and laudatory appreciation for your Pièce de Résistance! But does it happen?

Well, Honestly, People aren’t just sitting ducks looking up their Social Media Accounts for a piece of news from your stable! Admit it. In today’s world, none of us have the luxury of time to round up on our contact list daily-even if we indeed want to. So the ball is back in your court-How do you now ENTICE, ENGAGE AND ENRICH Your Network with your legacy? 

Worry Not! I am sharing a comprehensive TO-DO List of Steps that You must religiously follow to be the Cynosure of Activity in your Network; and reach out to your peers, colleagues, clients, customers, superiors, juniors, associates and every other worthy soul around you,and make your humble attempt in enriching them with your Thought Leadership.

Follow this TO-DO list of Activities after penning down your latest masterpiece and get on the bandwagon of ICONIC People Brands who are cherished and revered for their Career Karma in the world!

Come on, do your bit of Career Karma, starting here! Have any more enriching tips and tricks that can be added to this list? Enlighten us NOW.