Sinful Personal Branding Tip #2 : The ‘Avaritia’ art of building the Brand YOU.

It’s time to make a soulful oath; an oath to nurture thy greed, solely for thy gallant growth.

Those who slander greed (avaritia); might have never indulged into its selfless pursuit! Greed in itself is never sinful, lest it consumes you into materialist gallows. How could it be, if the only manifestation of your naked greed is in the noble form of holistic growth-for yourself and for the world! I thus encourage you to honor your selfless greed for knowledge that fosters the tangible as well as intangible growth of your personal brand, which in turn contributes to your brand’s legacy.


My avaritia way of nurturing the Brand YOU-via the noble pursuit of growth-for the greater good:

Greed for tangible growth as:

  1. A person: enrich your character by doing your brand karma religiously-by touching more lives every day. A rich character attracts richer affection for your brand.
  2. A professional: enhance your competency with an insatiable pursuit of knowledge. An inimitable competency commands unrivaled reverence for your brand.
  3. A performer: empower your credibility by surpassing the expected delivery of your brand promise-every single time. A resolute credibility bolsters the reputation of your brand.

Greed for intangible growth of:

  1. Emotional quotient: enrich your emotional intelligence by making real and worthy human connections in this digitally dominant ecosystem. This elevates the social worth of your brand.
  2. Intellectual quotient: enhance your brand’s potency by nurturing your intellectual realm which transforms your knowledge into worldly wisdom. This distinguishes the esoteric experience of your brand.
  3. Spiritual quotient: empower your spiritual journey in this world by imbibing the infinite soulful inspirations from the universe and amplifying its reciprocation. This fuels the inspirational power of your brand!

Greed is good, very good; but only when it fosters the greater good via your personal brand’s promise. Who would have erstwhile thought that even greed for your own good, has the potential to influence the greater good! When you embark upon this avaritia way of building your personal brand, you are actually nurturing your greed to build a legacy; a legacy worthy of legends; legends that change the world!

Your turn to tell me how will you indulge in this avaritia art of building the Brand YOU!


Sinful Personal Branding Tip #1: The ‘Superbia’ art of building the Brand YOU.

pride roses

Those who speak ill of pride (superbia) have never put it to a noble use. Pride in itself, is not a sin; being consumed by it, is. The mere mortals may get consumed by fickle pride; the reigning immortals of the corporate kingdom, command it to build a legacy. My Superbia way of building the Brand YOU:

  1. Pride in your value: If you do not believe in yourself, nobody will. Likewise, if you do not believe in the exclusive value that you offer, who else will? Empower your brand with an exclusive and rare promise of value that makes the world proud of you, your brand.  Pride in the promise of your brand value.
  2. Pride in your network: Gone is the era of thriving in solo; today, you must belong- belong to a tribe that you may intellectually nourish and be nurtured in return. The stronger your tribe, the strong be your brand. Pride in the enrichment of your network.
  3. Pride in your vision: Your Vision must speak for itself, raise applause, touch hearts and transform lives, one life at a time. Your vision is not for yourself, but the society, the world, the universe. Envision such a noble change that the entire universe prides in your vision, and conspires to help you realize it. Pride in the benevolence of your vision.
  4. Pride in your commitment: Time is a humble servant of your Brand, but once you commit your service to it, time will laud the karma of your brand. Dedicate at least 10 minutes to your brand karma daily; and watch your brand turnaround the karmic wheel, and how! Pride in the commitment of your brand karma.
  5. Pride in your brand: Your brand is your thought leadership; your thought leadership that will define your reputation.  A reputation that will be immortalized in your legacy. A legacy that will be cherished for an eternity. Pride in the legacy of your brand.

So, be proud of your superbia indulgence; after all such noble manifestation of pride, is what Icons are made of.

Your turn to tell me how will you indulge in this pride-tastic art of building the Brand YOU!

The Sinful art of building Brand YOU

Personal Branding is not only about being a brand and doing your brand do. It’s about how you do your Brand-do. Everyone is singing a similar song, but what melodies do you infuse in your song, to make it exclusive, exciting and enriching to all those who hum it-that’s what matters. The moral of the song story is, to focus on how you do your brand karma-differently-such that it not only elevates your personal brand and your career, but also enriches you as a person.

For time immemorial, we have been told to shun the sins: the 7 deadly sins that maketh the death of mankind; atleast metaphorically. But I beg to differ. As beauty lies in the eye of the be-holder; wisdom in our perception. I now urge you to see the beautiful perspective I am sharing with you. I want you to pause, think and only then embrace this sinful art of building the Brand YOU. Believe you me; once you share my perspective, these 7 sins are totally worth indulging into.

Starting this June, for coming 7 weeks, I will take you through this exclusive journey of building your brand, with the once condemned, but now-to be-celebrated traits of building a more meaningful personal brand. Every week as we indulge into a brand new sin for the Brand YOU, you will discover a new perspective on the 7 infamous sins we have known till now, a perspective that will make you wonder, are they really so sinful? Only your perception will decide. Command these 7 sins to celebrate this once sinful indulgence of Brand YOU:

The Sinful art of Personal Branding

  1. Superbia (pride): Rest it in the inflating number of lives you enrich
  2. Avaritia (avarice/greed): Reserve it for knowledge to grow yourself
  3. Luxuria (desire): Focus it on a legacy of wisdom and benevolence
  4. Invidia (envy): Covet the reach of the giver and the doer
  5. Gula (gluttony): Insatiable thirst for self-critique & improvisation
  6. Ira (wrath): Rave against the injustice and the disharmony in the world
  7. Acedia (sloth): Laze out in the eternal conquest of power play & materialism

Life isn’t black or white; but a beautiful canvas ordained with infinite shades of grey that manifest themselves slowly-ever changing, ever evolving. The beauty of which is captured solely by the power of your perception-which can perceive it as a muddle or a mystery. Likewise, it is your perception which will empower you to either command or be consumed by these so called sins, and transform them into 7 invinciblel ideologies to build a powerful personal brand called YOU. Are you game?

Thought Leadership is the compass of your Leadership

Leaders are very many; but thought leaders indeed, are a rare and distinguished breed. They may hail from the most unexpected echelons of life, and yet get immortalized as Icons; Icons who changed the world.

Thouht Leadership Compass

It does not matter who they were; but what they have do. A true thought leader is someone who envisions the day after tomorrow, today; and evangelizes the world towards it. Change is the soul of thought leadership; your thought leadership is the soul of your leadership; devoid of which your leadership journey is set on a compass that points nowhere.  The 3 strategies that empower your thought leadership to navigate your leadership sojourn are:

Branding Your Leadership

Brand Your Thought Leadership

Brand Your Thought Leadership

If thou matters; show me how!  In the journey of leadership, the destination is not as important as the reason thereof. The most important strategy while playing leadership is envisioning a journey worth taking; in other words branding the story of your leadership and its contribution in making this world a better place.

Your Thought Leadership is your Brand. Period. How you lead the change and grow your brand by mastering the art of leadership-is what legacies are made of. In this journey your thought leadership will serve as the magical compass, which will always guide you to achieve your brand’s beloved.  The 5 traits of thought leaders who transform their passion into a legacy by leading their community, their organization, their world towards the change are:

  1. Passionate Perseverance: Passion prevails profession. But when the twain meet: Thought Leadership is born.  If thought leadership is your calling: Either adopt your passion as profession or grow to love your profession. Following your passion, with relentless perseverance is the hallmark of a true thought leader.
  2. Ideation fixation: When you are in love with your work: It rains Ideas. Ideas that empower you to create, claim and dominate that one big Idea that becomes your Brand. Get drenched in the idea deluge till that big idea peeks out and bestows some warm sunshine on you.
  3. Super-Human Self Conviction: Every BIG Idea is first ridiculed, opposed and rejected before being celebrated. As a thought leader, self-belief is your super power. “I guarantee there’ll be tough times, I guarantee at some point, you will crave a way out, BUT I also guarantee that if you do not uphold this insane self conviction paradigm, then you will regret it for the rest of your life; because you do know in your heart, this is what you are meant to do!”
  4. Inspiring Change: Does your idea inspire a change in the world? Brilliant! Now be the change. Thought Leaders aren’t preachers; but doers. ‘Think, Do, Inspire action’ is the mantra for you.
  5. Eternal Commitment: Your thought leadership is the raison d’être of brand YOU. Staying true and committed to this purpose of your life is critical to your brand, even after being hailed as the messiah of change.

Living your Leadership

Live Your Leadership

Live Your Leadership

Lead all you may; but where to? Your thought leadership compass is due at north for the Brand YOU. But is it exactly where your tribe also wishes to go? The second strategy to adopt while living your leadership is leading the world to the place they wish to go to-and not where you wish to take them to! The Golden Rule of Leadership is to know the answer to the singular most important question in your tribe’s mind: ‘What’s in it for me?’ Under your inspiring leadership it is your moral responsibility to empower them to lead their lives to their next milestone. Know thy answer and ensure they understand it as well; lest you do that, you might end up north-alone or maybe not at all.

Leadership, when set upon together is a beautiful journey. It’s a journey where the power of ‘we’ is amplified to its best by your tribe; because unless there is a ‘we’, the leader’s ‘I’ factor matters naught. You truly become a leader only when you are a part of this ‘we’; only when you have something to offer that truly resonates with the needs and desires of the ‘we’; only then you shall get the chance to embark upon your journey of leading the ‘we’, and thus living your leadership. So, my dear friend, if you do not inspire the ‘we’; rest all becomes a moot point.

Growing your Leadership

Grow Your Leadership

Grow Your Leadership

Like Life, Like Brands, Leadership must evolve. Like your dreams, hopes, aspirations, passions and destinations, your brand and your thought leadership must also evolve-must move forward perpetually. Thought leadership is anything but a onetime fixation to accomplish a journey. Leaders may not always be thought leaders; but thought leaders are leaders forever. They are fuelled with an insatiable desire to lead the world to the day after tomorrow, every single day-even during the brightest dawns and the darkest nights. In the true thought leader’s day, even after the sunset, his thought leadership compass illuminates his journey up to the next dawn, and the day after’s, and so on.

The third and the best kept secret of the most iconic thought leaders is Growth: ‘They do more of less.’ My personal advice to each one of you reading this is to do exactly that: Grow the thought leadership of your leadership—‘Focus on the focus of your brand’s thought leadership; then every single day again focus on how to leverage on this focus to continually dominate and own your brand’s thought leadership.’ Simply put: Build and Nurture the singular Idea Tree of your Thought Leadership that is empowered to flourish come what may. Every day religiously water this tree and let it grow one more leaf that further amplifies that expanse and benevolence of your thought leadership. When you look back, I promise, you shall witness a beautiful legacy of your thought leadership growing and flourishing every single day-under the dedicated aegis of your leadership and commitment to its growth.

Leadership becomes a fascinating experience and not a liability when you brand it with your thought leadership. My closing words for you:

“Thou are not born to follow, but lead; and not just lead a few men, but the world through a glorious experience of your brand, your thought leadership…All you need is that compass pointing right towards this very change you seek.”

The TRUTH about Personal Branding & Image Management!


If you have been wondering like many others: What REALLY is Personal Branding? I’ve read your mind.

Personal Branding is the art of discovering your YOUnique promise of value complemented with the science of delivering that promise. Still confused?

Brand check: If you can answer these four questions-such as no one else may, you are in control of your personal brand promise; if you can’t: personal branding is for you!

  1. Who are you
  2. What do you do
  3. Whom do you do it for
  4. Why you are the best person for it

So what is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is the process of discovering our personal brand, communicating it to the world, and living it via fulfilling our brand promise 24*7. (made it simple for you, haven’t I?) If you are now wondering I am no entrepreneur to work on my own brand; you couldn’t be more wrong!!! Let me make it simpler for you… If you believe you have a reputation: you have a brand. Period. And whether we like it or not, even though we call it our personal brand; we are merely the custodians of this brand; the owners are out there. Your brand is owned by the people, whose hearts and minds it dwells in. So whether you are an entrepreneur, a CXO, a Senior Manager, a Junior Executive, a Freshman, a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Architect, an Artist, a Coach, an Author etc. etc. my friend, you do have a personal brand; and it is your primary responsibility to know it, show it and live it. Personal Branding empowers you to take control of your brand reputation and actively nurture it, so you are no longer at the mercy of other’s perception; because if you don’t brand yourself, others will: and it will not always be what your brand truly is.

Intimidating as it may sound-believe you me; the journey of personal branding is beyond beautiful. It is the singular most exciting, liberating and rewarding experience that an individual can have in his professional life. Are you game yet?

Now the TRUTH about Personal Branding

It was critical to understand what is personal branding to appreciate the truth behind it and acknowledge the difference behind ‘Image Management’ and ‘Personal Branding’. Your image is a projection of what you want to be evaluated as; it may or may not be authentic; Your brand is the authentic communication of your YOUnique promise. Image management is NOT personal branding and definitely not viceversa!

” Your Brand is your Promise; your Image a mere Projection. “

Brand vs. Image

The Story behind Image Management

Image management advocates dressing right, speaking right and acting right-as deemed civil and social by your social environment! It advices you to offer an affable and admirable experience of yourself to others; hence, instead of labeling it as your Image; I encourage you to focus on it as the Experience of your personal brand. Absolutely yes! You must dress, speak and act in a way that enhances the experience of your brand; but doing it-is not your brand-it is a part of your brand expression and experience. This is the DISTINCTION between the two. Your so called image is nothing but the experience of your brand, and hence must be an extension of the authentic promise of your brand.

Once it becomes an extension of your authentic brand promise, it ceases being your image, and becomes your brand.

The Future

An Image is momentary; it is like a shadow that disappears when the light goes off! Your brand is the legacy that you have built with dedication and determination throughout your career; and is forever. It is the authentic reflection of your promise of value; the one that doesn’t dissipate when the lights are turned off! What you need to decide is what deserves your time, attention and focus: your image or your brand?

The future belongs to transparency, authenticity and credibility: the three pillars of personal branding. Focus on building a brand that transcends the shadows of time; rather than trying to be a shadow…

Experience the power of Personal Branding in a 2 day workshop (March 8th & 9th 2013 in Delhi) with Tanvi Bhatt, The Pioneer of Personal Branding in India, and learn how to build your Personal Brand and offer a Brandtastic Experience to the world!

The Power of Soul enriches your Brand’s Experience

Life is the Soul’s Journey; An Experience like no other. An Experience that transcends lifetimes.

Words aren’t enough to discuss the Power of your Soul; the very essence of your raison d’être. It is believed that our Soul is the perpetrator of our life; it is the beautiful medium of experiencing life; and the solitary source of the experience that we offer to this world.

Your Body empowers you, Your Mind enables you, Your Heart engages you, but Your Soul enriches you, as well as the world-with a beautiful experience of YOU! Likewise, your personal brand experience is enriched by the power of the Soul-The Soul of your Brand.

Your Personal Brand Experience is the microcosm of you and your world; and is thus, as unique and rare, as the Soul that nourishes and enriches the Brand YOU. The Experience of Brand YOU encompasses Your Brand Proposition, Your Brand Presentation and Your Brand Promise-honored.


The Soul of Brand YOU is a beautiful mosaic of your Brand’s Values and Passions that present it a unique, rare and an iconic distinction over others. And the art of soulful introspection to discover the Soul of your personal brand is an experience in itself!

  1. Introspect and Identify 5-7 Values that you will never give up on: not even at gunpoint! These could be any aspect such as integrity, compassion, ambition, etc. which make you, YOU!
  2. Prioritize these Values on the basis of the importance they hold in your life today; remember, as we mature our values do grow and mature with us.
  3. Now, pick your top 3 values off the list; these are the top 3 dearest values of Brand YOU; the core fundamentals of your Brand.
  4. Identify your 2 deepest Passions that enthrall you beyond measure; the real sources of elation. Let one be your work passion-your work passions are often manifested in the form of brilliant milestones that adorn your professional journey; and the other your play passion-the thing that you love to indulge into after a washed out week.
  5. Strategize your Brand Statement- a brief one liner- using all or some of these 5 entities (your 3 values & 2 passions) that capture the essence of Brand YOU.
  6. Arrive at a word-just one word-that personifies this beautiful ensemble of your values, passions and the soul statement in one glorious word; this is the Soul of your Brand.

This is the Soul of Brand YOU, which draws the world to you. This is the source of an exclusive, rare and a truly iconic experience that your Brand offers to the world. This is the inspirational legacy, that you are about to confer upon this world.

For example, my top 3 core values are Eloquence, Elegance & Excellence, and my two deepest passions are creative brand communication & playing chess. I am delighted to share my brand statement with you, the SOUL of my Brand is:

‘I empower YOU to build an iconic personal brand that is enriched with the esoteric excellence of chess-spired strategies and the discerning ethos of elegance & eloquence: elegance in your brand experience & eloquence in your brand expression that enables you to conceive & craft a signature brand exposition.’

“Your Brand Experience is your Legacy; Your Brand’s Soul, its Inspiration.” Tanvi Bhatt

5 Steps to an Irresistible Brand YOU Story

In this year’s last post on my Blog, I am absolutely delighted to spread the inspiring wisdom from my friend and colleague, Jeff Rock-who shares his 5 best story-telling tips to share your Personal Brand with the world!

Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock

About Jeff: Jeff is the Founder and Chief Insight Officer of Swift River Coaching, where he employs Personal Branding & Story-telling as the engines of Personal Development. An Industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in empowering people to discover their gifts, talents and genius, and translating that into their ideal way of work and life; Jeff is an esteemed member of the International Coach federation as well as a Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist; he also has multitude of certifications from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) both as a Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Genos International Emotional Intelligence Assessments. 

I am working with a client who has a wonderful and mufti-faceted background. Each step in her career progression demonstrates growth, expanded scope, and courage. She recently took a position in a new organization in a different part of the country. Word quickly spread regarding her capabilities and accomplishments. In a matter of days, everyone knew who she was, and a de facto personal brand had taken root.

What’s wrong with that? Being instantly famous is great but the story of her personal brand was misleading. My client has a decades-long track record of successes spanning multiple disciplines. But for some reason, the hiring executive was fascinated with a brief and obscure aspect of her background, and it was that information that he conveyed, and over-emphasized, to his colleagues, and so it spread. It was a positive message, but very limiting. Suddenly, my client needed a personal brand mechanic . Here are five storytelling tips to help you communicate your personal brand effectively.


Tip 1: Compose Your Own Story – Make sure you have a personal brand story. It should include key elements of your career progression as well as your brand attributes. The longer you are in business, the bigger your story will be. Your personal brand story is not your life story, but the parts of it that are important for your stakeholders to know.

Tip 2: Make It Easy to Understand – People remember stories, especially if they are in a format with which they are familiar. Use the Circumstance, Choice, Consequence model used in literature. Your personal brand story can illustrate when you were faced with a circumstance or challenge, the choices you made based upon your authenticity, and the resulting consequences and what you learned from the experience.

Tip 3: Use Your Hands – We are hard-wired to pay attention to hands. Use your hands when you tell your story. This reinforces your story in the minds of your audience by adding a visual aspect. Palms should face up when you discuss your struggles and how you sought information. Palms should face down at the end of your story to demonstrate confidence.

Tip 4: Ask Others to Share Their Story – Sharing stories with others creates a connection and helps you to understand them in a deeper way. Asking others for their story shows that you care and builds loyalty and trust Building trust is one of the most important things a leader can do.

Tip 5: Find The Connectors – There are people in every organization that are good at connecting with others and spreading information through the informal communication pipeline. Find out who they are and make sure they know your story. It is the fastest way to get your personal brand story, the authentic version crafted by you, out into your communities.

Think of storytelling as a powerful communication tool for raising your visibility, creating strong connections in your communities, and establishing an authentic foundation as you move forward and grow.