About Tanvi

Tanvi Bhatt, The Personal Branding Pioneer in India


As the Pioneer of Personal Branding in India, Tanvi empowers Leaders to become Thought Leaders; Thought Leaders to become ICONS. Tanvi is India’s Leading Personal Brand Strategist and the Founder and Managing Director of Panache-India’s Premier Personal Branding Company.


Tanvi is recognized as the ‘Personal Branding Expert’ for the CXOs by The Economic Times Corporate Dossier, where she writes on all things personal branding under her column ‘Brand YOU’. She is also regularly featured in magazines like Inc. India, Entrepreneur, PITCH, Youth Inc. etc. where she shares her thought leadership on pioneering the personal branding paradigm in India. She has been recently honored as the Best Young Woman Entrepreneur in India at the prestigious Women Leaders in India Awards 2013, for successfully transforming her vision into a legacy called Panache: the Premier Personal Branding Company in India. Tanvi has also been bestowed with ‘The International Alliance for Women’s World of Difference Award’ a global honor conferred upon a selection of 100 women who are passionately contributing to women’s economic empowerment.


Tanvi is a young entrepreneur, who has dared to break out of the comfort of a Corporate Cocoon ( relinquished a futurist career in research to pursue her passions: People and Branding) to pursue what she loves, what she believes in: the power of having a Powerful Personal Brand that leaves behind a legacy of inspiration! She created Panache-A Corporate Grooming Studio, with the sole mission of enriching the corporate citizens with the industry coveted attributes of impeccable grooming, eloquent oration and classic etiquette. After 5 years of stimulating corporate exposure, Tanvi envisioned a future where a mere professional personna and self-presentation was not going to be the differentiating factor; she therefore conceptualized and created India’s premier platform which empowered the reigning corporate stalwarts and other thought leaders to build a legacy-via her signature Personal Branding program ‘The Brand ICON’. This milestone celebrated the evolution as well as the inception of Panache as India’s Premier Personal Branding Company.


Via her Signature Program-The Brand ICON, Tanvi empowers you to ‘Be Brandtastic’: offer a Brandtastic Experience that is fuelled by the ethos of Eloquence, Elegance & Excellence – Eloquence in Your Brand Expression, Elegance in Your Brand Experience, & Excellence in Your Brand Exposition. You have to experience Tanvi, to understand how one can actually bring the SOUL of your Personal Brand to Life. Being an avid Chess Connoisseur, Tanvi draws her Esoteric Branding insights from the ancient wisdom of Chess, and thus builds invincible strategies for the Brand YOU on the chess board called Life.


Ask Tanvi what she dreams of doing, and you will be amazed: She aspires to empower a league of distinguished individuals who manifest the essence of an ICONIC Personal Brand, offer a Brandtastic experience that inspires a million other legacies in the world to come!


Feel free to connect with Tanvi Bhatt @ LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter or  come and Experience Panache at www.panache-studio.com . Tanvi is also a frequent speaker at diverse Industry Conferences and Forums, Annual Company Galas, etc. as she is the go-to personal branding expert for a portfolio of Indian as well as International MNCs which include the likes of the TATA Group, The Times Group, Mahindra, SAP, Capgemini, Parker, NTPC, OIL India Ltd, HPCL, Ruchi Group etc.

Want to know how Tanvi can empower you to be the ICONIC You?? Just drop in a line on info@panache-studio.com, and she will get back to you!


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