About This Blog

Personal Branding as a concept for career management and a powerful tool of personal as well as professional growth is still largely unheard of across India.

The vision of the author of this blog, Tanvi Bhatt,  is to present a one stop exhaustive resource to the Indian Corporate Citizens to understand the importance of personal branding and its impact on their life.

Every revolution at its onset is highlighted by the humble proceedings of the zealots who are the passionate ambassadors of the cause; this is exactly what Tanvi is attempting to do! The Personal Branding India Blog aspires to be at the forefront of this thought leadership and the harbinger of the Personal Branding Revolution in India.

At the Personal Branding India Blog, we promise to present you with the latest tides of change in this rapidly evolving Industry of Personal Branding. To serve as the microcosm of the Global Personal Branding Portal, at the Personal Branding India Blog, the latest articles of the global personal branding experts and their multimedia content floating around the web- supplemented with the author’s personal anecdotes and views on these global trends-will be regularly scouted and selected for your personal enrichment.

Tanvi is confident that in the near future, Personal Branding India will be not only be the most revered source of information, but also the most credible stream of inspiration for the Indian Thought Leaders who themselves aspire to bestow a legacy of inspiration for the world to come.


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