What’s in a name: a Legacy-that’s what!

Call the rose by any other name, and it shall smell as sweet.

But call a Brand by any other name, you are insulting an identity, a promise, a legacy.

I am not sure that the mighty Shakespeare will agree to my humble musings, but then again Shakespeare did not live in the era of brands and me-toos!

A brand-Your brand, is your identity, your YOUnique value of promise, your legacy-that is at the least-irreplaceable. Your brand evolves from your identity to your promise of value to your legacy thus bequeathed. Name it any other, and you are insulting not only the person, but his lifetime of legacy too. Today, your personal brand: your name, your reputation, your YOUnique potential, your performance, your value, your inspiration, your legacy is as inseparable as the fiery flame of the coy candle.


People brands devote a lifetime of passion to pursue their dreams and build a larger than life personal brand; such that their legacy runs synonymous with their names in the history of mankind. Good, Bad and Ugly- legacies are legacies. You cannot separate Gandhi from the triumph of the Indian independence like you cannot discount Hitler from his racist genocide of innocents. You cannot ignore Jobs from the celebration of modern and revolutionary computing and you cannot miss out Teresa when you honor the Global philanthropists! You name one, and you hail the other.

That is the power of legacies and brands and people. All for one and one for all.

But the beauty of legacies is, they are worthy of celebration, regardless of their stature; all that matters is ‘how’ you changed a life; even a single life. That becomes your legacy and, it keeps on snowballing from thereon.

So, brand your name, your passion, your vision- this indeed, is what gets immortalized in the heart of future.


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