When you find your calling…

There are these rare moments of enlightenment that one experiences in life, after which life changes as one knows it. 

These are the moments when one realizes/discovers/ experiences a sort of divine intervention (minus the rain and thunder ofcourse!), when he comes face to face with what he is meant to do in this singular journey of life. 

These are the moments which are the milestones in the making of an epic legacy, of history.


So when you do have the fortune of experiencing this magnanimous moment of life, do welcome it with open arms and heart and mind; ‘coz the worst tragedy that you may have to live with….would be to live with the fact that you ignored your life’s true calling-your raison d’etre-the purpose of your existence.


I am now going to help you get a step closer to this moment; to discover the love of your life…

1. Enlist your 3 deepest passions in life: the things which make you selfishly happy

2. Now think how you can add value to other’s lives with these passions

3. Commit to 3 activities that you will adopt to hone your passions while you add serious value to others

4. Explore whether you can convert this activity into a viable business model;  if not-don’t fret-money is not everything in life

5. Business or no business,  when you will experience the gratification of enriching others by the virtue of your passions and/or gifts, will you then realize, this is what you are here for; that this what life is supposed to be like! 


And, once the realization dawns, once you find your higher calling, nothing will ever be the same again.


So ask yourself: Are you there yet or do you even wish to get there…


Get there; as soon as you can. It is what your brand will stand for, it is after all, the legacy that you would be leaving behind.


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