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The REAL Life Fairy-tale of Personal Branding!

Your Career is your Legacy to the world, STOP horsing around with it; today!

Be the Magical Unicorn

It’s Time. It’s now or never.

What if you can stop horsing around with the not-so-perfect career/life and could instead transform yourself into the magical unicorn-who always get’s that magical dream job and the golden break and the perfect career! What if you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself and brand your existence; not just brand it: be known as the magical unicorn of your industry! You are the superstar of your life; the King Midas of your little fairytale; name the thing you desire; touch it and watch it then transform into gold, just like your professional career. Sounds good right? OK Mr. Midas, back to the 21st century; now let me show you how to be command the savvy magic of Personal Branding to transform yourselfinto the Brandtastic Magical Unicorn…

Chapter 1: Brand YOU vs the Big Bad Wolf

The Corporate Wolf in Disguise

Your Careers are rewarding. Period. But now anticipate the long walk through those dense woods towards Corporate Nirvana- And don’t you be shocked to discover that Big Bad Corporate Wolf  maliciously draining you out of your life and energy, both! The arduous journey towards corporate nirvana, often comes at the cost of a life: Yours. But the 21st Century’s Red Riding Hoods are a smarter breed; they now smell the Wolf from the mile and become better equipped to conquer the Brand Wolf, with a sharper and a smarter Brand YOU.

Chapter 2: Brand YOU: The Sleeping Beauty

Brand YOU’s Kiss of Life

If you may, Let this moment be the Kiss of Life for the Brand YOU. You have been there, done that; but all this while the fire in You has been dormant. That Fire is the power of the Brand YOU. Believe it or not, you indeed are a Brand; and have the making of an ICON as well. But momentarily your Brand is under a deep enchanted sleep; Let this moment serves you as your Knight in shining armor, your prince charming who has come to bring the Brand YOU to life. All you need is ‘The Kiss’: which this moment just presented to you.

Chapter 3: Brand YOU and The Beast

The Fake YOU Beast

If there is a Beast, it’s hidden deep within. Or so the world believes; but little do they know that the real beast raises his ugly face in your daily life! As Schuyler Kaye, of T4 Execs puts it: The Real Beast is no one but YOU: the FAKE YOU!

A dilemma it sure is, Branding yourself as someone whom the whole world will look upto and respect, and at the same time leveraging on your innate authenticity for a truly Brand YOU Experience, is a challenge for sure. But the beauty of the process of Personal Branding is, it makes you fall in love with your True self, transforms you into the handsome prince charming and vanquishes the Beast. So empower the Brand YOU with the power of Love for yourself, your authentic self, and silence the Fake Beast forever!

Chapter 4: Brand YOU’s Magical Genie

The Brand Genie at your service

Since this is my fairy-tale, I now present you with your Brand Genie: that will empower you to transform your Brand Horse into the Brand Unicorn! The Genie is your Vision and the Lamp is your Passion. You need to discover the deepest passionsof the Brand YOU and the Vision that it has for itself, for the world. Your Passions fuel your Brand’s Vision, and empower you to make your dream vision come true. All you need is a Passion & a Vision. So, stimulate your Brand Genie’s lamp daily & watch it bring your Brand to life!

Chapter 5: Brand YOU & Your Seven Dwarfs

Your 7 Brand Guardians

Dwarfs I might have christened them, but surely these they are not! These seven are worthy of being hailed as your Brand’s knights in action. Each of these virtues will empower you to nourish as well as guard your Brand when need be.

  1. Clarity: Be clear in the Promise of the Brand YOU
  2. Consistency: Be an on-brand performer every time.
  3. Constancy: Be Visible; in everything you do; be available to make someone’s life better every day
  4. Communication: Have a compelling voice of the Brand YOU; both literal & figurative
  5. Credibility: Clarity, consistency, constancy in your brand communication will build an invincible credibility of the Brand YOU
  6. Competitiveness: A revered credibility will give you a powerful competitiveness in the market
  7. Commitment: commitment to personal excellence coupled with worldly benevolence will elevate the Brand YOU to ICONIC heights

Chapter 6: Brand YOU & Your Magical Beanstalk

Your Brand’s Magical Beanstalk

With your 7 dwarfs-cum-knights out there to guard your Brand; it’s time to take on the world! My magic beans of advice will empower you to build and sustain your magical beanstalk of a successful brand strategy minus the fear of the fat ol’ corporate giant coming down on you!

Your Brand strategy consists of a milestone map that aids the strategic growth of your Personal Brand; this magical beanstalk will take your Brand from today to tomorrow!

  1. Write down a Goal-a-thon: Pen down every single goal of your life; review it; and then go back and write some more.
  2. Now number these goals as per the achievement deadlines: 1 for within 2 years, 2 for 2 to 5 years and 3 for 5 to 10 years.
  3. Group and Regroup: group up your number 1s and 2 and 3s to get a snapshot of yours brand’s future
  4. Prioritize the list: now rework your 1s, 2s and 3s one at a time and prioritize your goals
  5. 1+1 =2: group up your minor goals such as they are help you achieve the major goals of your list
  6. Final review: scan your list and edit or delete any irrelevant points to seal the deal!
  7. Action time: your beanstalk for a more successful Brand YOU is now ready for your ascend to glory!

Chapter 7: Brand YOU & Your Golden Touch

Your Brandtastic Golden Touch

You are your Brand in action; Period. Every single experience of you is what builds the Brand YOU every single day. To ensure that you are able to bring your Brand to life, we present to you ‘Brandtastic Experiences’: Fantastic Brand experiences that transform every single Brand Experience of You into a precious memory!

The consistency in offering a Brandtastic Experience is your Golden Touch; which will eventually transform the Brand YOU into the ICONIC Brand of your Industry. The art and science of managing your Personal Brand Reputation consistently lies in the secret of Being Brandtastic!

Chapter 8: Brand YOU & The Happily Ever After

Brand New YOU & Your Happily Ever After!

To actually Live your Happily Ever After, I now Present your fairy god mother: The Brand ICON Program. Discover this Iconic Journey of Personal Branding today, and get ready to be transformed into the Magical Unicorn!

Still unsure? Sign up for the Magical Tips from Tanvi to explore this beautiful fairy tale of Personal Branding, till you are ready to experience it.


The Secret of Mastering Thought Leadership on Social Media

There were Leaders; There are; and There will be.

But Thought Leaders, they are a rare and distinguished breed: Individuals who are often credited as the harbingers of a new dawn, a new way of life.

Leaders may be born or made, depending upon the boat of their life; but Thought Leaders, I believe, are definitely born. These have been the serial leaders all life long, and leading has become a sort of second nature to them. This deep seated essence of leadership is what fuels their Passion and empowers them to embark upon this ICONIC Journey of Thought Leadership.

People talk about Thought Leadership today, without understanding the true SOUL of the Thought Leader. This could be due to the expansive proliferation of Social Media as the most accessible platform to establish your Thought Leadership, which has been responsible for breeding the Me-Too Thought Leaders. But, a True Thought Leader is beyond the fad; he is beyond the number game; he is above the rat race. Before we dwell deeper into the various dimensions of expressing your Thought Leadership across Social Media, Let’s first put the much talked about term into Perspective:

So what is Thought Leadership, and who is the true thought leader?

A Thought Leader, is the person who thinks, does and inspires action. He is the person who is credited with the inception of a brilliant idea, which potentially changes lives of the people it touches. He is the person who believes in his idea with an unabashed passion and an unrivalled vision for turning it into reality. But what is the SECRET of mastering Thought Leadership? The SOUL of the Thought Leader pumps his heart with relentless Passion, and energizes his mind with a benevolent Vision (for his humble passion), his raison d’être. He is the Thought Leader, who by the mere power of his Thoughts, fuelled by the Passion, channeled into a palpable Vision, puts in motions a momentous tide of change, for the greater good; and this is Thought Leadership.

Why Thought Leadership on Social Media?

Ideas are Good; People make them Great. Period.

Gone are the days when leaders would scream off the roof tops to their mass of followers. Enter: Web 2.0; the advent of social media might have been the greatest invention since the wheel (alright, I have exaggerated a bit)! Social Media presents the power of platform and speech at your fingertips; literally! It enables you to reach out and voice your big idea, to the target community; it empowers you to connect with other thought leaders and share your knowledge and as the result, enhance your value proposition. It is the global window for expression of your passion & vision, and has the potential to expedite the journey of realization of your dream vision.

How to use Social Media for Thought Leadership?

There are a million ways of using the magic of social media to create a legacy of inspiration. I am now sharing with you the 5 most popular and proven strategies…

  1. Blog it: Blogging is the BEST way to share your knowledge and thought leadership on the said topic. By Blogging, you not only share your knowledge, you offer insights and solutions to the mundane problems that your target audience might be challenged with, and this goes a long way in building your credibility as the industry expert.
  2. Tweet Away: While you are busy enlightening the world via your Blogs, do pay special attention to the micro-blogging platform Twitter, as it gives you an unrivalled platform to connect with the global citizens across real time. Twitter also enables you to engage your audience with real time information flow and this is what enhances the appeal of being an active Twitterati Thought Leader. Think -Do-Inspire Action: all in real time!
  3. Story Time: Your prime digital real estate property is also your knight in shining armor; Facebook timeline lets you share the story of your Passion and highlight its beautiful journey towards the benevolent vision, with pride & panache! Involving your audience & stake holders in your journey of success is the biggest motivator for them to be your Brand Evangelists and relay your idea torch further down their networks.
  4. Video channel: The trend for Thought Leadership for 2012 is most definitely Video Blogging & Video Branding of your Ideas. You can make best of this trend in two ways: the first is to host a Video Blogathon (a series of video blogs) for a said duration and connect all the thought leaders in your industry via a common platform to channel global inspiration to your audience; and the second way to gain respect and visibility across Social Media is by hosting brief Video Interviews of other Thought Leaders from the Industries of your choice, to give your audience a variety of resources of actionable inspiration. But before you adopt this trend, do own a branded YouTube channel that is relevant to your niche, and stream your content via it to maximize your reach.
  5. Linked up: No social media activity is complete until you are able to synchronize all your efforts and present a one stop shop for your Ideas to gain Visibility and Credibility. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to stage your thought leadership’s centre of gravity, by integrating your entire Social Media feed into your LinkedIn account, as LinkedIn is perceived as the more reliable source of information than your website or blog. You are able to Integrate your Blog, your Twitter feed, your Personal Website, Your Slideshare account and Your You tube channel into your Linked Profile to give a snapshot of your Social Media Presence & a sneak peek into your potential thought leadership at one point of action.

Where to start your Journey of Thought Leadership?

I strongly suggest that if you are serious about the journey of thought leadership, or have entrepreneurial dreams, you first understand how to embark upon the journey of thought leadership, by discovering these 7 key steps to thought leadership. But before you do so, one last piece of advice: in order to stand out of the clutter of voices across social media, it is imperative that you build a distinct personal brand identity. Personal Branding will not only distinguish you as a thought leader to be reckoned with, it will also empower you to build a legacy of an inspiring personal brand that the world looks up to!

Indeed, Thought Leadership is a commitment to your Idea, Your Passion, Your Vision; but remember, every great Idea was first ridiculed, then rejected, and after much-a-do-about-it, rejoiced with unrivalled reverence! All you need is the Passion & Vision to make it come to life.