The Business of Attention: Make Brand YOU command ‘IT’- Part 1

Be attentive to your Brand’s Attention  Quotient;

The more you command ‘IT’, better be your Brand Quotient.

 Attention Quotient1

The irony of life today is that we live in a perpetual attention seeking economy-in the age of mass attention deficit disorder. With Brands, Companies, People, Places all vying for your attention, the most prized real estate of this digital economy is your attention, your mental real estate. And the most coveted  business strategies today are the ones which help you command ‘IT’- command that priceless Attention!

And yet the beauty of this business of attention is that one can command it for all the right reasons with a little strategic planning and personal branding! The power of personal branding lies in the ability of Brand YOU to stand for ‘something, be known for ‘something’ and be wanted for ‘something’. This ‘something’ is the exclusive expertise quotient of the Brand YOU: it is the promise of value which you offer as an executive or an entrepreneur to your communities.

When you have a few seconds to stand out and command the coveted attention of your clients, customers, prospective employers, potential partners etc… it becomes imperative for you to take active control of your brand, your story and present it to the world-such that it offers an irresistible experience of the Brand YOU! This 4 part series of articles will focus on the 4 main components of commanding IT (attention) at the first point of contact:

A. Brand Identity

Your Identity stems from how well you know YOU, and how well you ensure the world knows of you! A powerful brand identity evolves from the 4Ws of the Brand YOU:

Who are YOU; What do YOU do;

Whom do YOU do it for; Why YOU are the go-to guy

Define your 4 Ws by highlighting the following aspects of each W;

1. Who are YOU: This is your professional brand identity influenced by your personal brand attributes. Use your Values and Passions to add more depth to your professional brand by making it truly YOUnique. Focus on what you believe in and why you love what you do to add an emotional layer to your brand.

Remember: The first rule of commanding attention is to build an emotional connect.

2. What do YOU do: This is your scope of work and area of expertise; Talk about the implied benefit of your expertise and not just the rational value you offer; when you tell them how your value addition impacts them and adds exclusive value to them; then you have all their selfish attention.

Remember: The second rule of commanding attention is to answer for your audience, ‘What’s in it for me?’

3. Whom do YOU do it for: The target audience that you add direct value to; the companies/verticals/industries/challenges/visions that you can impact with your experience and expertise; the ideal pool of clientele that you love to work with as you add inimitable value to them. Perhaps the most important element to boost the attention quotient for the Brand YOU; it is critical to define your ideal target audience so your message is reaching the right audience, and you DO NOT waste time being everything to everyone.

Remember: The third rule of commanding attention is to focus your attention on a niche audience to be the cynosure of that audience’s attention.

4. Why YOU are the go-to guy: The make it or break it element of your Brand’s Attention Quotient-why YOU matter: You need to craft a compelling brand promise, which is influenced by your bragging rights, your proven accomplishments, your work legacy and your thought leadership. This is what seals the deal and catapults you from the attention zone to the consideration zone; and eventually to the conviction zone.

Remember: The fourth rule of commanding attention is to take ownership of what you are shamelessly good at, and present it to the world, so they too know the ‘best of you!’

Use these 4Ws to build and own your personal brand identity, and share it with the world across relevant Social Media Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, You Tube etc.

The next post in this series ‘The Business of Attention: Make Brand YOU Command IT’ will highlight how to create an Invincible Brand Positioning for the Brand YOU!


FOCUS: 3 steps to sharpen your Brand Focus

Focus. The more you focus; the more Brand YOU comes into focus.

Focus on the WHO. Focus on the WHAT. Focus on the WHERE.


The smaller your focus; greater is the probability of your success. Its indeed ironical that one must narrow one’s focus to amplify ones success. But true it is. Like they say: You cannot be everything to every one. 

Like I say: Be the jack of all trades, master of some and emperor of ONE.

Focus on the WHAT: Brand your product/service which you can offer better than the best

Focus on your core area of expertise and make it your Brand-stinction! Then hone your said skill set every single day so you may trump all others and personify your brand YOUniqueness like no other. Put your Brand focus on what makes you exceptional: your talents, your passions, your aspirations and how these distinguish you from the mortals.

Focus on the WHO: Map your ideal target group that you can serve the best; people who will benefit the most from your ‘Xclusive Xpertise’

Focus on the smallest community of target audience and be the invincible expert on call; this doesn’t mean that you should never work for people who fall out of your target audience, but this distinction presents you with a well defined focus group, to focus your brand promotion and marketing efforts on. Remember, the most important criteria should be that you enjoy working with the said target group: they must be equally energized and excited about Brand YOU and your exclusive promise of value! Why waste precious time and energy in reaching out to people who are not your ideal customers? Why indeed?

Focus on the WHERE: Be constantly visible across selective touch points.

One of the 3 C’s of Personal Branding-Constancy (other two being Clarity and Consistency )-in your Brand Visibility across the best suitable media to reach, engage and empower your target audience day after day. Research and select the media platforms, both online and offline where your target audience best loves to spends their time on and best trusts to gain knowledge and information from. Why bother focusing on a multitude of platforms where your customer frequents not?

FOCUS your brand time and be rest assured; soon shall you be the beloved cynosure of your target audience. Period.

What’s in a name: a Legacy-that’s what!

Call the rose by any other name, and it shall smell as sweet.

But call a Brand by any other name, you are insulting an identity, a promise, a legacy.

I am not sure that the mighty Shakespeare will agree to my humble musings, but then again Shakespeare did not live in the era of brands and me-toos!

A brand-Your brand, is your identity, your YOUnique value of promise, your legacy-that is at the least-irreplaceable. Your brand evolves from your identity to your promise of value to your legacy thus bequeathed. Name it any other, and you are insulting not only the person, but his lifetime of legacy too. Today, your personal brand: your name, your reputation, your YOUnique potential, your performance, your value, your inspiration, your legacy is as inseparable as the fiery flame of the coy candle.


People brands devote a lifetime of passion to pursue their dreams and build a larger than life personal brand; such that their legacy runs synonymous with their names in the history of mankind. Good, Bad and Ugly- legacies are legacies. You cannot separate Gandhi from the triumph of the Indian independence like you cannot discount Hitler from his racist genocide of innocents. You cannot ignore Jobs from the celebration of modern and revolutionary computing and you cannot miss out Teresa when you honor the Global philanthropists! You name one, and you hail the other.

That is the power of legacies and brands and people. All for one and one for all.

But the beauty of legacies is, they are worthy of celebration, regardless of their stature; all that matters is ‘how’ you changed a life; even a single life. That becomes your legacy and, it keeps on snowballing from thereon.

So, brand your name, your passion, your vision- this indeed, is what gets immortalized in the heart of future.

Lead with LOVE: The best kept secret of Personal Branding

Love. What has Love got to do with Personal Branding?

Of course I love my brand, I love myself- if I got you thinking! Well, who doesn’t?

But when love does make the world go round; vanity-doesn’t. Period. If you love the Brand YOU on borderline narcissism, you don’t love your brand, you just love yourself-and that’s one huge difference. When one truly embarks upon a journey with love-selfless love, when one learns to lead with love; rest all becomes immaterial.


We all lead our lives, our families, our communities, our employees, our dreams at some point of our life-the leadership seasons thereof might vary in time and duration; but lead do we. When one learns to lead their life with love, one hopelessly falls in love with all these aforementioned elements of our life; and constantly works towards loving better, living better and most importantly giving better.

Now, as a human-it is easier to love-as it is mostly selfish love, but as a leader, it gets equally challenging-because it now needs to be unadulterated selfless love. But histories have witnessed the evolution and iconification of a few handful leaders who have lead with love- all life long. This love has immortalized them in the annals of mankind as celebrated thought leaders and icons of their generation. How did they do this: They loved and they gave.

Giving selflessly is the hallmark of true love. And so is the hallmark of great people brands. And is indeed the best kept secret of Personal Branding. “Only when thou shall give, thou shall receive.” But giving your all, requires LOVE, a different level of commitment to a cause a dream a legacy larger than life. This legacy is your personal brand, your place in history. A celebration of love, gifts and legacy of the Brand YOU.

Are you ready? today? to lead? But not just lead, lead with LOVE; with commitment to give, to build, to celebrate your moment in history, your brand legacy?

Then Love. Give. Bequeath.

When you find your calling…

There are these rare moments of enlightenment that one experiences in life, after which life changes as one knows it. 

These are the moments when one realizes/discovers/ experiences a sort of divine intervention (minus the rain and thunder ofcourse!), when he comes face to face with what he is meant to do in this singular journey of life. 

These are the moments which are the milestones in the making of an epic legacy, of history.


So when you do have the fortune of experiencing this magnanimous moment of life, do welcome it with open arms and heart and mind; ‘coz the worst tragedy that you may have to live with….would be to live with the fact that you ignored your life’s true calling-your raison d’etre-the purpose of your existence.


I am now going to help you get a step closer to this moment; to discover the love of your life…

1. Enlist your 3 deepest passions in life: the things which make you selfishly happy

2. Now think how you can add value to other’s lives with these passions

3. Commit to 3 activities that you will adopt to hone your passions while you add serious value to others

4. Explore whether you can convert this activity into a viable business model;  if not-don’t fret-money is not everything in life

5. Business or no business,  when you will experience the gratification of enriching others by the virtue of your passions and/or gifts, will you then realize, this is what you are here for; that this what life is supposed to be like! 


And, once the realization dawns, once you find your higher calling, nothing will ever be the same again.


So ask yourself: Are you there yet or do you even wish to get there…


Get there; as soon as you can. It is what your brand will stand for, it is after all, the legacy that you would be leaving behind.

Living your Dream: Dream. Dare. Do!

Dreams are what…

Dreams are the often unspoken desires that manifest in nights.

Dreams are the hopes theat fuel our days and keep us going.

Dreams are the changes that we wish to see, to do, to become.

But how often do you hear one say that they have become what they had dreamt of?  That they are indeed living the life that they dreamt about?

For me, dreams are goals with deadlines. Because only when you dare to put a serious deadline on your dream; my friend it shall cease being just a dream. It will then become your goal: A goal which is then converted into smaller sub goals making them more achievable, every one of which then prioritized as per its urgency as well as feasibility, thus making resource identification and allocation more efficient and finally putting a number on every sub goal thereof to facilitate its execution before the said deadline.

Use this SPRAD (Sub goals-Prioritize-Resource Allocation-Deadline) framework to ensure that your every single dream is celebrated as a goal beautifully achieved!

Go on…. Dream. Dare. Do.

Make 2014 the ICONIC year of your dreams!

Dream it. Dare it. Live it.

Do you know what your brand is?

Your personal brand is your reputation.

Your personal brand is what people say about you: when you are NOT in the room.

Your personal brand is the exclusive promise of value that you bring to the table.

Your personal brand is your YOUniqueness.

So, to sum it up, your personal brand is a beautiful mosaic of the inimitable value you bring to your community that nobody else can; this is the brand buzz which fills the rooms when you are not in it; this is what translates into your reputation as your thought leadership.

Now use this brand mosaic template to discover your own personal brand:

1. WHO are you: This is your identity: personal + professional

2. WHAT do you do: This is the work that you do, and how you do it differently

3. WHOM do you do it for: This is your target audience that you serve or that benefits from what you offer

4. WHY you are the best guy/gal for the job: This is the brand-stinction that distinguishes you from all other mortals who wish to be you!

Weave these four elements of your personal brand into an absolutely YOUnique and irresistible personal brand statement. And next time someone asks you ‘What’s your Brand?’… Boy! will you WOW them or what!